Support for Musicians During the Pandemic

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I started this new discussion because there are ways that sellers and labels are supporting their musicians during the pandemic that are not actually sales and so do not fit the Bandcamp sale category or any other I could find.

To start: AUM Fidelity is sending all money spent on their Darius Jones albums from April 1 to May 3 to Darius for his birthday, which is May 3. Darius Bandcamp catalogue is here: and Here are they key points from the AUM announcement: 

100% of all proceeds from sales of Darius Jones' astonishing, deep & far-ranging body of work through his birthday on May 3 will be sent immediately to Darius in one hopefully(!) decent sized check, on May 4. AUM Fidelity will also match every sale with a commensurate entry on the accounts. Know too that if you supported any of his work during the month of April,
100% of those $s will be included in this as well.


  • Again not a sale, but a chance to support musicians. Bandcamp is going to repeat the "all money to artists and labels" on May 1, June 5 and July 3. As it did back on March 20, Bandcamp is not taking its share of what you buy those 3 days. And, really, it is more than just those 3 days they are giving up because you probably will wait til Friday to buy that album you would have bought tomorrow, won't you?
  • Jazz musicians normally depend on summer jazz festivals for a significant part of their income. Most (all?) have been cancelled for 2020. The Jazz Foundation of America is an important support for musicians at this difficult time. Esperanza Spalding and Fred Hersch have made available an ep of material recorded when they appeared at the Village Vanguard in 2018 with proceeds going to the Foundation. It actually isn't a bargain at $17 but remember that it is to support musicians plus you get the music. But only through June 30.
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