The Hardy Fox Memorial Thread

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, for two reasons:
1: Before his death I received a lot of newsmails with a lot of writings I would like to share.
2: Also in his last days he forwarded some recordings to the Klanggalerie label for possible release.
- These releases are beginning to show up now.

- And ofcourse because he was such a brilliant artist and had a strong impact on the sound and appearance of The Residents for half a century.

But to start with, just this:


  • This is the last Newsletter from Mr. Fox:
    Hi from, me, Hardy. Yes got sick, making my pass out of this world, but it is "all" okay. I have something in my brain that will last to a brief end. I am 73 as you might know. Brains go down. But maybe here is my brain functioning as I'm almost a dead person just a bit of go yet. Doctors have  put me on drugs, LOL, for right now.

    Anyway.  Probably the last of seeing me.  Thanks for checking in.

    Love you all

    I'm also reducing a lot of old Bandcamp stuff. If you need titles grab now. I am thinking a half-dozen is about the right left over.

    - Hardy

    Oh, I have sent Walter at Klanggalerie a bunch of stuff I have. I don't know if he finds anything to hear. Not for me to think about.

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     Klanggalerie, April 20, 2020
    Hardy Fox was the primary composer of The Residents. He created an incredible body of work, using all kinds of names other than The Residents, amongst them Combo De Mechanio, Sonidas De La Noche, Dead Eye Dick, Charles Bobuck or Black Tar And The Cry Babies. Hardy first stopped touring with The Residents due to health issues. Soon afterwards, he left the group completely to concnetrate on his solo work. After several albums as Charles Bobuck (later only Bobuck), the name given to him when still a member of The Residents, he later dropped all pseudonyms to work as Hardy Fox. His first self-titled solo recording was an album full of minimal love songs, a portrait of the young Hardy Fox. The second, Nachtzug was about his last days touring with The Residents. It was followed by Rilla Contemplates Love, a concept album about the thoughts and feelings of a gorilla. A week before his death, Hardy recorded the very touching farewell recording to his fans, 25 Minus Minutes. During the last months of his life, Hardy submitted several recordings to be released after his death. Killing Time is one of them.

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