Out of Obscurity Music Podcast (Music Reviews in Conversation)

The official site to stream and download:  https://musicooo.podbean.com/ 
The subreddit with links to listen to our album picks (the episodes probably aren't very interesting if you haven't heard what we're talking about):  https://www.reddit.com/r/MusicNobodyElseLikes/ 
The full guide/list of OoO content:  http://www.omnifoo.info/pages/OoO.html  

Getting to this point of an "official launch" has been long in the tooth, and consistency will be a never-ending challenge.  I'm in conversation with @idiotprogrammer from this forum about cohosting an episode and would be delighted if anyone has any comments (incl. constructive criticism...I know the audio quality is not great and the three sites are a bit unwieldy, etc.).  If you'd like to highlight an obscure album you think is great as a guest for an episode, please contact me for details.  Much appreciation for this forum's ongoing existence!


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