Not another one

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Oops, sorry I did it once again.


  • Oh no, not again !

  • I don’t understand what’s going on here. Please explain.
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    @confused tends to start a new thread by accident every now and then. Usually I spot it and delete it before a crowd gathers. Too late this time. Perhaps we should figure out what kind of musical discussion belongs under the heading “Not another one”.
  • So, you’re unable to delete threads that go beyond one post?
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    Too late to spend time in the garden so here I am checking in. Yes, I usually make a draft of what I'm going to post and sometimes I forget which sequence to push to enter stuff. I've relied on my good friend @Germanprof to bail me out by deleting these goofy posts before anyone notices but here's another one. On the bright side I think I'm probably #1 when it comes to OOPs. Special Thanks to @Doofy for the reminder :)
  • rostasi said:
    So, you’re unable to delete threads that go beyond one post?
    I am able to delete them, but once it is a conversation I am deleting things multiple people wrote and the question arises whether they would rather I didn't. Perhaps Doofy intended his Rod Stewart reference to stand for the ages as a testament to musical taste.

  • @Germanprof The issue is not so much musical taste as the fact that a remarkably high percentage of things I see and hear in the course of a day set off pop songs playing in my head. And who better to share this gift (or affliction) with than the eMusers?
  • Indeed, I was being facetious!
  • My suggestion for "Not Another One" could be stories that point out things that are just cRaZy dumb, like comments from musicians, artists, or just generally dumb people with dumb ideas. A kind of, "wow, I can't believe that news story" thread. Just a suggestion.
  • I think at this point anything anyone wants to post here is fair game. As is the thread slowly fading into the archives.
  • Well, so far, we're keeping it pretty alive, methinks!
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  • Latest example of my musical synesthesia. Woke up with this jingly 70s pop confection by Canadian band Edison Lighthouse playing in my head:
    What the hell? Later realized I need some fresh rosemary for a recipe I want to make this weekend

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