Apple acquires BIS

I remember people mentioning BIS a lot from the eMusic days.

Well, they were just acquired by Apple, according to their website,


  • @dhaun I confess I haven’t thought about them since the emusic days, but I do remember those conversations. Makes me want to dig around and see what I got from the back in the day.
  • Only just spotted this thread - silly me. Just today I received the latest newsletter from BIS via eClassical so their offers and bargains are still available from that platform. If they go exclusively with Apple Music I'll have to say goodbye which would be a shame.

    I still recall the early cd years when BIS label recordings warned you about the full audio range that the cd contained that could damage your player.
  • Bissie headed up the label and was a fantastic contributor to the boards. He recommended an Arvo Part recording which I can listen to 10x a day for every day of my life.

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