These are Powers

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These are Powers is a trio that hails from Brooklyn. They call their mad clamouring reverb and trebled drenched style "Ghost Punk." You can find them on Emusic here and a Youtube link here


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  • Aye, wouldn't it make more sense to assume BBCode is being used? I can't think of a time where having BBCode enabled has been a bother of any kind.
  • I agree. But it's not an option I get to set without messing around in the extension's .php files.
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    I'm going to look into having a basic formatting toolbar show up as well, which could be good if it isn't too obnoxious looking.
  • ...and back to the original topic :-)

    These are Powers - Not my usual sort of thing, but pretty interesting stuff.
    For me, probably one of those 'when I'm in the mood' kind of bands.
  • I don't think I could listen to it every day either. I love the Guy Maddin influenced video.
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