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I'm in the process of reorganizing my massive collection for the umpteenth time this year, so my list of d/ls this month will be delayed. But I figured a gentle nudge for others was in order. I'll update with mine when I get a chance.


  • I'll kick it off. Only got stuff from eMusic and Amie this month (other than the world music bonanza yesterday on Amazon that I've barely scratched the surface on).


    I did no exploring on eMusic this month. Every download was a known quantity designed to fill holes in my collection.

    The Mountain Goats - Ghana: 31 tracks of John Darnielle goodness for 12 nps. Can't go wrong.
    Spoon - Got Nuffin: Title track is excellent and the third track is good, but wish the second one were a little better. Still Spoon, though.
    Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career: Waited patiently (okay mostly patiently) for this to arrive on eMusic Well worth the wait.
    The Pixies - Doolittle: I'd forgotten just how good The Pixies are.
    Okkervil River - The Stage Names: I love Okkervil River.
    Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago: I'll be in a cabin in northern Wisconsin this weekend. Is it required I listen to this on repeat?
    Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange: This is a fine EP, but it just hasn't grabbed me yet.

    Amie Street

    Here is where I was able to explore a little more.

    The Detroit Cobras - Mink Rat or Rabbit: Good Detroit garage rock.
    Julian Plenti - Julian Plenti is...Skyscraper: I don't mind Interpol, but it has never really been my thing. That said, I thoroughly enjoy this album. It won't make my top ten list for the year, but will continue to get played with regularity.
    Matt Pond, PA - I Thought You Were Sleeping: Not bad, but nothing great either.
    The Fall - Hip Priest and Kamerads: More hole filling, and the comlete lack of anything by the Fall in my collection was a big hole.
    The Polyphonic Spree - Wait: Worth it for the cover of Lithium alone.
    Blue Foundation - Life of a Ghost: Bought based on a song used on SYTYCD. Well worth it for mellow moments.
    Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major: It's fine, but I knew even before I got it that I'd be disapointed, and I was.
    Matt & Kim - Grand: I was thrilled to see this as part of Amie onslaught last week. Highly recommended.
    The Lower 48 - Everywhere To Go: Local band and a coworker is friends with one of the members moms, so I splurged the $0.75. Pleasantly surprised. Nice folk rock with male and female lead vocals and a violin. Very nice.
    Mike Doughty - The Gambler EP: To my knowledge the only Doughty I was missing AND it has covers of The Gambler and King of Carrot Flowers. Sweet.
    My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges: Never been a huge fan so I hadn't picked it up. This time the price was right.
    Jack Penate - Everything is New: Hadn't heard him before, but am loving Let's All Die.
    The xx - xx: Worth the hype.
    Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis: Good stuff, as I knew it would be.
    The Antlers - Hospice: Gorgeous.

    Also got British Sea Power - Krankenhaus?: But when I try and download Amie Street has an error. Waiting on a response from tech support.

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    Here's mine for August. Another very good month although I may have overdone it slightly and not listened to all of these as much as I would like to :-)
    Despite the lack of interesting new stuff at Amie St (outside the US) I had a bit of a crate-digging session there and found some gems.
    Even got some stuff from iTunes as there was a special offer on gift cards in Clintons Cards shops!

    Edited in standouts in response to Katrina below...

    Wildbirds & Peacedrums - The Snake
    Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer - fantastic when I'm in the right mood for it, just not sure what that mood is yet.
    The Temper Trap - Conditions
    Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs - Under the Covers Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition) - STANDOUT SO FAR!
    Desolation Wilderness - New Universe
    The Duckworth Lewis Method - STANDOUT SO FAR! (but mostly when we were beating Australia!)
    Mocky - Saskamodie - nice but a bit disappointing
    King Midas Sound - Dub Heavy - Hearts and Ghosts

    Amie Street:
    Various - Future Disco - excellent comp
    Ruxpin - Where do we float from here_
    Shit Robot - Simple Things (Work It Out)
    ellen allien - out (thomas muller remix)
    Clubroot - Clubroot
    2562 - Love In Outer Space _ Third Wave
    ellen allien - out (audion's out for infants mix)
    Paul Kalkbrenner - Bingo Bongo
    Ellen Allien - Go
    Ellen Allien - Sprung _ Its
    Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel
    Hope Sandoval - Blanchard single
    The Shazam - Meteor
    Rebelution - Bright Side of Life
    Night Jewel - Want You Back EP
    Walter Jones - I'll Keep On Loving You
    Pan-American - White Bird Release
    Pan-American - For Waiting, For Chasing
    Morcheeba - enjoy the ride

    Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Vertical Ascent
    SoulPhiction / Move D - In The Limelight
    Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away - STANDOUT SO FAR!
    Various - Kompakt Total 10 - STANDOUT SO FAR!

    The Gaslamp Killer - My Troubled Mind
    The XX
    Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue - STANDOUT SO FAR!
    Various - Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - another excellent comp
  • Craig, how do you like Ghana?
  • I was sort of thrown off by the frequent changes over the last five weeks, and it seems my choices weren't well balanced.

    Bardo Pond, Dilate
    Nadja, Radiance of Shadows
    Carl Macguire's Floriculture, Sided Silver Solid
    Mike Seeger RIP, True Vine
    In the country, Whiteout
    L Subramamian, Raga Hemavati
    Harlem Hamfats, Complete Recordings Vol. 1
    Pullen/Moye, Milano Strut
    Dennis Gonzalez, Idle Wild
    tjlandcad, The Rip-Off
    Graham Collier, Darius
    Jones, Burrell, Wess, Waldron, After Hours
    Polvo, Today's Active Lifestyle
    Crooked Fingers, Reservoir Songs

    Mal Waldron, The Git Go
    Mal Waldron, The Crowd Scene

    Zee Avi, Zee Avi

    Amie Street (selected)
    John White, John White
    Friendly Fires, Friendly Fires
    Robert Forster, The Evangelist
    Loop, Gilded Eternity
    British Sea Power, Do you like rock music
    Jack Wilkins, Windows
    Ben Webster, Sittin in with ...
    Robert Forster, Warm Nights
    Hundreds and Thousands, Hundreds and Thousands
    XX, XX
    Terry and McGhee, Hometown Blues
    Sunn O)), Monoliths and Dimensions
    Pelican, City of Pain
  • Daniel, it's a bit hit and miss as are most rarity compilations. That said, Golden Boy is a top shelf Mountain Goats track, tracks like Going to Port Washington, Standard Bitter Love Song #8, and The Anglo-Saxons are excellent, and there are far more hits than misses (and of course misses by Darnielle are still better than a lot of available music). My only real gripe (if it can even be called a gripe) with the album is that a lot of the recording is very lo-fi and I just have never understood intentionally recording at that level when you have access to hi-fi equipment. I still enjoy the lo-fi tracks, but always feel like a cleaner sound would increase my enjoyment. I have the same issue with a lot of Guided By Voices.

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    Bad Thoughts, how do you like The Rip Off? Heh.

    My last eMusic downloads were
    R.L. Burnside, Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
    Eels, Hombre Lobo
    Camera Obscura , Underachievers Please Try Harder
    Madlib, The Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
    The xx, the first intro track

    From elsewhere,
    Morcheeba, Dive Deep
    Kelly Howell, Mind Body Healing
    Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Midnight Blues
    Pearl Jam, Ten
    The Lemonheads, The Lemonheads
    Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
    As Seen On TV: Songs From Commercials
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    A whole bunch of random, usually single tracks. Here's proof I am not listening to my new music as much as I should -- I'm constantly thinking "WTF" as I type this. I'm just now listening to most of these.

    Freeheat "What Goes Around (live)" and "Two of Us" (rock)
    John Flynn "Not With My Jesus" (singer-songwriter)
    The Detroit Cobras (filling holes in my collection)
    Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens "Am I Asking Too Much" (soul)
    Big Maybelle "96 Tears" and "Cabaret" (classic soul that kicks ass)
    Various Artists (a karaoke track or two. Don't judge me!)
    Muscle & Hate "Join in the Chant" (industrial dance; a Nitzer Ebb cover)
    Doris Day "Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)"
    The Bottle Rockets "The Long Way" (blues rock)
    Sly And The Family Stone - four tracks off "It Takes All Kinds" (funk)
    Anton & the Watergirls "L.O.V.E." (electroclash)
    The Dodos "Fables" (indie rock)
    Dragonette (electroclash)
    Generationals "Nobody Could Change Your Mind" and "Bobby Beale" (the second is a little Duran Duran)
    Metric "Help I'm Alive" (electroclash)
    Marilyn Monroe "I'm Gonna FIle My Claim" and "Bye Bye Baby" (traditional vocal)
    The Low Anthem "Champion Angel" (rock)
    Camera Obscura's latest album "My Maudlin Career"
    Arctic Monkeys "Crying Lightning" (rock)
    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros "40 Day Dream," "Janglin" and "home"
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    Front 242 "First In/First Out" (industrial dance)
    The Mooney Suzuki four tracks off "Have Mercy" (rock)
    We Were Promised Jetpacks "Quiet Little Voices"
    Mates Of State "Beautiful Dreamer"
    Mop Mop "Living Beat" (world funk)
    Men Without Hats "Pop Goes The World" ('80s pop)
    Ollabelle "Before This Time" (spiritual)
    Nikka Costa "Stuck to You" and "Can't Please Everybody"
    Pas-Cal "You Were Too Old for Me"
    Paramedic "Soul Control" (spiritual hip-hop)
    Rail Band "Finza"
    Rodriguez "Sugar Man" ('70s funk)
    RJD2 "A Beautiful Mind" and "1976" (electronic)
    Raz Ohara "Where Is My Mind" (Pixies cover)
    The Launderettes "Can't Bring Me Down" (indie rock)
    Adam Schmitt "Brilliance in Failure" (singer songwriter)
    Steve Earle "Amerika v6.0" (rock)
  • Well, which ones are standouts?
  • Best of What I Downloaded in August:

    Buddy Miller
    These United States
    Gregory Alan Isakov
    The Duke and the King
    Lightning Dust
  • Emusic:

    Link to emusic playlist.

    Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
    I never got Let's Get Out Of This Country because I thought it sounded too sugary and sweet. This one seemed less sugary so I took a chance since a lot of people seem to like it. I just about hit the eject button on Careless Love with its overblown orchestral backing. The title track came next and was much better. Well done and all, but this just isn't my thing.

    Jorge Reyes - Comala
    "Mayan space music". Mildly interesting background music.

    Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen
    This didn't do it for me either. Suzanne is a good start but then the whole "poetry set to music" deal gets monotonuos especially with just the acoustic backing. So Long, Marianne is a highlight with full band support. Maybe I'm Your Man may have been a better Leonard Cohen start for me.

    Megafaun - Gather, Form & Fly
    Something I like! Excellent neo-folk. The 1st half is more straightforward folk-rock while the 2nd half delves more into the neo.

    Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
    Good but between this and "Good News For People Who Love Bad News", I think I have all the Modest Mouse I want.

    Oneida - Rated O
    A great huge slab of experimental rock. Being a triple album and almost 2 hours of music, it is a great deal for 12 tracks. Very good stuff.

    Otis Taylor - Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs
    Otis Taylor isn't your typical blues player by any means. Here he delves into creative jazz territory with Jason Moran on piano and Ron Miles on cornet. The music gets more challenging as the album progresses but is still very rewarding.

    Richard Buckner and Jon Langford - Sir Dark Invader vs. The Fanglord
    Another one of those "on my SFL forever, why didn't I get this sooner!?" albums. I should have known. How can you go wrong with Richard Buckner and Jon Langford? Mostly what you'd expect from them, but "From Attic To Basement" is a nice instrumental that reminds me of Brian Eno's St. Elmo's Fire. If you don't know either of them, this is a good introduction.

    Sea and the Cake - Car Alarm
    Doesn't stand out but a consistent album from The Sea and the Cake. I never thought they "rocked", but this definitely rocks after recovering from Camera Obsura or Leonard Cohen.

    Union Carbide Productions - In The Air Tonight
    This absolutely rocks. I had this on vinyl from the 80's and got it out of nostalgia and not disappointed. Call this Stooges 2.0. The 1st half is Raw Power and the 2nd half is Fun House.

    Various - Panama! 2 Latin, Calypso And Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75
    Only listened to it once so far. Pretty good, but I keep hoping for something as good as "The Roots Of Chicha"...

    Free albums galore:

    Deano Waco - Deano Meats The Purveyors
    As you might guess, it's Dean from the Waco Brothers playing with the Meat Purveyors. And as you might also guess if you like those two bands, it's good bluegrass tinged rock or should that be rock-tinged bluegrass. Either way, it's good stuff and free.

    Charts and Maps - Enemies of C. Frias
    What caught my attention was that a member from I Heart Lung produced this. The music isn't quite like I Heart Lung but still tasty jazzy progressive rock.
  • @Bad Thoughts - I love Dilate. My favorite Bardo Pond album.

    @Craig - We d/l way too much of the same music... And not only should For Emma, Forever be on repeat, you need to listen on your parents' hi-fi with really big headphones on.

    @Katrina - Ten? You got some catching up to do? :P I'm assuming you just got the Legacy Edition which I picked up on CD a month or so ago. They did an excellent job remixing that album.
  • Thom - It is weird, but I freely admit that my tastes lie pretty well in the mainstream of independant music (if such a thing exists), so it makes sense that I'll see some overlap with a lot of people.

    In actuality, between my parents and I, one of us has a hi-fi and it ain't them. They were/are NOT musicheads. Basically the only albums we had growing up were my mom's old Bobby Sherman 7"s and the odd Barbara Streisand LP that my dad would buy. It bordered on child endangerment I tells ya!

    We did at least have Billy Joel on cassette, so that's something...I guess.

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    My turn...

    - Emusic:
    Fabio Orsi:
    Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines
    Find Electronica
    The First Born

    Becuzzi, Orsi, ( E T R E ) - So Far
    Flo & Eddie - Illegal, Immoral and Fattening
    Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - UTP
    Robert Ashley - The Wolfman
    My Cat Is An Alien / Fabio Orsi (split) - For Alan Lomax
    Gianluca Becuzzi - Wildflowers Under the Sofa
    Celer - Engaged Touches
    Charlemagne Palestine - In Mid Air
    Mathieu Ruhlmann + Celer - Mesoscaphe
    Steve Roach - Destination Beyond
    Tarantel - Big Black Square
    Flying Saucer Attack - PA Blues

    Amie Street:
    - later...


    Ps: this is strange, I did'nt bold the last two lines. (and not this one either)
    - Edit.
  • It's the Flo & Eddie causing the problem - you missed off the [/b].

    How's that UTP album?
    I think I probably have enough Noto/Sakamoto already, but it keeps tempting me.
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    You don't have enough if you don't have UTP....
    It took me some time to get into it, but now it is my favourite.
    It stands out from the other two available on eMu (Insen & Revep) for beeing more noisy and ambient/drone-ish in a pleasant kind of way.

    My favourite tracks are "attack/transition", "plateaux 1" and "plateaux 2/end"


    Ps: The Celer release is Brilliant !
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    I'm going to only list the highlights from now on because there's just too much cheap stuff added these days.

    For starters I picked up a number of classic albums: John Coltrane - Interstellar Space, Joni Mitchell - Blue, The Doors - L.A. Woman, The Cars - Candy-O, The Faces - Ooh La La. But of more interest was The Field's Yesterday and Today and the accidental freebie Ladyhawke (Special Edition) - so far my favorite of the bunch.

    Amie Street:
    Lots of Tectonic and Tru Thoughts downloads.
    Alice Russell - My Favourite Letters
    Lizzy Parks - Raise The Roof & This And That
    And just about every release from Quantic or Nostalgia 77
    Flevans - 27 Devils & Make New Friends
    Kyle Audist - Made of Stone
    All 3 Thunderball albums
    But my absolute favorite out of this batch of world/funk/soul/downtempo sweetness is Kinny's Idle Forest of Chit Chat. Freakin' awesome man.
    At the other end of the spectrum I also snagged Keelhaul's Keelhaul II, The Sword's Gods of The Earth, Sunn 0))) Flight of the Behemoth and Monoliths and Dimensions. But it's the 2 Zu albums that are really grabbing me (specifically Carboniferous). Oh yeah, and Aereogramme's Sleep and Release - that's an overlooked band.

    It would be a shame if I didn't mention the 2 excellent EPs (The Gambler and Fort Hood) from the brilliant Mike Doughty.

    Holy carp, I almost forgot to mention White Rabbits' It's Frightening. Great album! There's so much more I got over there the past 2 months it's ridiculous. Maybe even worse than the crazy Domino and Yep Roc drops earlier this year.

    Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison (Legacy Edition) - Definitely one of my best d/ls for the month.
    Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps - Still digesting this one.
    The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism - Am I just too much of a hipster? Now I'm suddenly into bluegrass revival?
    The Mountain Goats - Sweden & Ghana - One of my favorite bands, it's time to really explore his back catalog. So far so good.
    Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul - Mmmmmm...
    I should also point out that the latest Quantic and Zu's Carboniferous were actually eMusic d/ls, not Amie Street like the others.

    Miles Davis - Bitches' Brew - For some strange reason this album can be purchased cheaper on Amazon and Lala by buying the individual tracks instead of the whole album. Glad I finally picked it up.
    David Guetta - One Love - So bad for you, but I love it so much.
    Bat For Lashes - Two Suns - I'm on the bandwagon.
  • @thom the opening track of Idle Forest of Chit Chat is pure, unadulterated awesomeness.
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