For Husker Du fans: Interesting Grant Hart article.

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Every time I read something about Hart it reminds me how much he hates Bob Mould and how little chance there is of ever seeing them on stage together again. Sigh.

That said, the most interesting thing to me was the mention of the recent "cease and desist" letter to SST regarding Husker Du appearing on eMusic.



  • that is interesting.

    you should post this over there with a "hey joe." emusic might voluntarily pull those albums if they knew the artists didn't approve. or people may think twice before downloading them. then again other people might rush to download them before they get yanked...
  • Thanks for linking! That was interesting.
  • amclark2 - Interesting idea, but I can't imagine that Hart's attorney hasn't also contacted eMusic regarding the issue. I obviously don't know all the facts of the situation, but the Husker Du/SST thing has been going on for so long I'd be shocked if eMusic put them up in the first place without consulting with their attorneys about whether or not they were opening themselves up to liability.

    Now, whether they got good advice from their attorneys or followed the advice they did get are legit questions.

  • give grant credit for 1) being a quality songwriter 2) passionate and principled artist

    whether you want to get caught up in the grant v. bob stuff is entirely up to you. given grant and bob's personalities, it's no surprise...and given that they came at husker du to let it all hang out perhaps it was inevitable that core differences would take a toll.

    new day rising is one of my favorite all-time rekkids...

    i don't particularly care for bob's material post-husker.

    if sst ain't paying royalties then that it is a big black eye and greg should expect to be called a "turd" if that's what is.
  • Controversial Opinion for 10.11.09 -- Warehouse: Songs And Stories is Husker Du's best album.
  • warehouse and zen arcade might as well be different bands. you can tell it's the same guys but it's not the same music. so i think that comparison is like apples and oranges. personally i prefer zen arcade, but i think i generally like noisier music than you do.
  • Yeah, I like noise-rock, but on the poppier/more melodic side.

    Examples: Sonic Youth; JAMC; The Raveonettes; Animal Collective; No Age; among others.
  • dear dan - where does the jesus + mary chain rank for you?
  • Psychocandy is one of my favorite rock discs of all time. BTW, it's because they marry those noisy aesthetics to pop songs. I know a lot less about JAMC's other discs (tho I like what I've heard).

    I'd hate to have to rank-order these noise acts, but I guess if I had to: Animal Collective; The Raveonettes; JAMC; Sonic Youth; No Age. If Husker Du is in the mix, they become No. 1.

    There's a lot more to noise-pop, tho, so I'd have to give the question much more thought before attempting to list in rank-order the all-time best noise-rock.
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