Amazon Freebies

Thanks cowrun for the heads up on the freebie music at Amazon.

I downloaded both. My ears think they are going to enjoy this music but time will tell.

As an aside, I had never before downloaded music from Amazon but hey its Amazon, what could go wrong?

In a word, Nothing!

I clicked on the download link, it took me to the login page, then wanted to install a download manager. The security software green lighted the download manager and it opened and started downloading the tunes. Hmmm.

I paused the whole shooting match with one click and went in and fiddled with the defaults to suit my preferences and again with a single click got the whole thing going again (with the previously paused downloads now directed to my newly established preferred folder). re-hmmm.

The second album was only two clicks and the music was downloading.

What a novel concept, no grief downloading. No bloatware, no clicking no for the cazillionth time to crap I don't want, no high blood pressure. And then there was a page confirming that I should have gotten my downloads and the opportunity to try again if something crapped out.

Whoa, they should get the word out about this. This could catch on. In a few short years this Amazon thing could dominate the whole e-commerce market.

I wonder if they are a bunch of scrappy upstarts working out of some guy's parent's basement.

Have you guys heard about this Amazon thing.


  • I've been patronizing Amazon, well getting a boatload of freebies, since earlier this year when the storm clouds started gathering over eMu, basically because their Deal of the Day offers at least several things per month I like, and at a good price. The really staggering amount of freebies was a bonus find. And I must say their Downloader works like a charm for me - fast, and no problems, and their Customer Service was right on it the one time I got charged for a song that was in the free list. And I might add if there's a new or major label song I just have to have, given the amount they give away, I'd rather throw them the business.
  • They actually refunded money to me when I accidentally purchased an album (I now no longer use the single click purchase option) so I give their customer service high marks.

    I never understood how anyone could have problems with their d/ler. Very simple and straight forward. Even had it working on Linux when I was running Ubuntu. Their daily deals and $5 monthly (previously weekly) lists have been great. Definitely recommend sticking with them.
  • Love that Amazon downloader. Faster than the one at the other place. No trouble, unlike the one at the other place. IN the past month, I have downloaded the following free or cheap albums:

    Enjoy Every Sandwich - The Songs of Warren Zevon - got it for $1.99 - a deal of the day

    Monsters of Folk - got it for $3.99 - a deal of the day

    Verve Vault Presents: Rhythm, Strings and Cool Breezy Jazz Sampler - free

    I Love the 80s, Vol. 1 (1880s) - free

    The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.I - free

    Analekta: Classical Gems: Free Sampler - free

    Ryko: Flash Of Light Sampler - free

    Scandinavian Gold - free

    Cumbancha Amazon Compilation - free

    The Best Of The Most Relaxing Classical Music In The Universe - free

    Saavn Celebrates Bollywood - free

    Pressure Sounds Amazon Compilation - free

    Sarah Chang: Selections - free

    ESL World Music Sampler - free

    Hardly Art Label Sampler 2009 - free

    Lost Highway Sampler: T For Texas T From Tennessee - free

    Brushfire Records Fall 2009 Sampler - free

    I also bought/downloaded the new The Avett Brothers album. I haven't yet listened to several of these. Some of the classical are one movement rather than the whole, but they give me an idea of whether or not I want to hear more. There are several more free albums in my sights. You can't beat these deals!
  • So how do you find these freebies
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    Go to this page. The daily deal and the free song of the day will be on the upper left and upper right. Subscribe to the Amazon MP3 download newsletter - farther down on the left side of the page. Sometimes free albums will be listed farther down the page, but if not, click on Free Songs and Special Deals, also in the left column. Now that you've done that, just look at all those leads in the right-hand column. Also listed at the bottom of the page. Sometimes finding one just leads to another.

    Have fun.
  • Also on the Free Songs and Special Deals page on the lower right will be a column of top free songs, there's a see more link that will bring up a table format of all 500 or more available free songs. You can reorder them by date to keep better track.
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    Just made it over from the other side and thought you might like to bookmark a future Amazon sampler due out November 1: X5 Free Classical Sampler Christmas

    The amazon downloader is terrific compared to the other one. Still stuck on dial-up at home, so it's nice to be able to resume downloading if I get disconnected.

    Mommio, looks like we're both keeping on top of the Amazon freebies as I've downloaded the same ones as you :)

    Hoping eMusic (can I say that in here?) will be offering a few holiday samplers again this year.

  • Amazon replaced iTunes as my ala cart mp3 store. Their countless free tracks and samplers also puts them on a list of places worth checking regularly. They have an MP3 newsletter that comes out every Tuesday and provides links to newer free tracks and samplers.
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