I made this.

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Hey everybody, I've put a new album of electronic sounds and noises up on Internet Archive. Here. Check it out if you get a chance.


  • woot,i 'm DlLing now. IT'S slow.
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    I'm having a problem with the downloading, all I get is a 222 kb. zip file.
    - Any ideas what is causing this ?
    (I´m on a PC.)

    I just checked with the "Who Murdered the Mountain?"...
    No problems with that.
  • i grabbed it right away and had no problems with it - in fact, i'm digging endurance alot and will prolly incorporate it into a what can only be considered as a spamfest at an old friend's expense. prolly in the sense that i need your approval to drop it into an 8 track mix to eventually be made public.

    cooler than christmas that you do this - when you get the chance, open up the kimono re: your recording efforts.

    clink + the next rounds on me!
  • sorry guys, don't know what's wrong. maybe this will work better.

    and thanks brittleblood; glad you liked it - and feel free to drop it at will.
  • Thanks amclark2...

    Yes, much better.
    Maybe this is one of these PC/Mac things ?
    - Anyways, thumbs up for track 1.
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    - And the Noisician made this:

    Brutum Fulmen:
    New Tender Wreckage and Collapsing Orchestra

    noisician.com - noisician's eMu profile
    Check out the The Lament of the Termite Queen track from his website. - Nice !
  • I'm putting all those free tracks on my hipod right now. Also saved those albums for later. Thnx Brighternow!

    Now I don't suppose there's any chance you'll trade my access to sony and wb for your cheap grandfathered plan? don't get me wrong the new stuff is nice and all but given the choice...
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    Let me think about this for a moment . . . . . . . . . .No F...... Way !

    BTW. Noisicians image on his Amie profile is the one that scares the crap out of poor Frogkopf. and has a remarkable resemblance to a Danish politician called Helge Adam Møller
  • Yeah I recognized noisician - I thought maybe if I didn't listen to his stuff he might come to my house...

    And maybe noisician is Helge Adam Moller?
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