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Emeralds - What Happened
Emeralds is at the forefront of a new American movement that continues the experimentation in analog electronics of the 60's and 70's while ignoring the formulaic and boring turn electronic music took in the later part of the 20th century. Add a renewed energy gained from their connections to the noise movement, and you have some of the most original and true music of the new century. 'What Happened' continues their exploration in tonal beauty of their recent work that brought to mind pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Cluster, while presenting a new approach to structure that brings to mind masters like Luc Ferrari and opens our ears to a new universe full of astonishing possibilities. This is the true new American infinite electronic music of our present. Recorded by Emeralds and mastered by James Plotkin.
No Fun Productions

Emusic has also got European Tour 2009. This is a 2 track split Album by Emeralds and Pain Jerk.
The Emeralds track is amazing but the PJ track is a bit of a sonic nightmare of noise and distortion.


  • Funny, just this morning I pulled that record up by happenstance when browsing this thread (on a board dominated mostly by serious, critical discussion of experimental music - you might enjoy it, brighternow). Just about the same time you posted. Cosmic!
  • More cosmosis: I recently added this to my SFL list after seeing it on the Wire Best Of 2009 list.
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    If we continue like this, I see a Cosmic Overdose coming. . .

    - When or if you get a chance to listen to Emeralds, please return to this thread and let us know what you think.
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