Yeasayer - Odd Blood

edited February 2010 in Alternative
Anybody else pick this one up? As much as I liked All Hour Cymbals, it never really cried out for me to play that much so there wasn't any real anticipation for their second album. But after listening to "Ambling Alp" my ears perked up. Wow, Odd Blood is one hell of a flavorful/experimental/fun dance album. It comes across like Delorean covering Animal Collective. Only $3.99 on Amazon (also available over yonder), and I definitely recommend it.


  • I snagged it yesterday on Amazon. I personally loved All Hour Cymbals and as soon as I heard "Ambling Alp" this become one of my most anticipated releases of the year. So far I'm loving it (although "Ambling Alp" remains the star as far as I'm concerned).

    It is such an extreme left turn from the sound on All Hour Cymbals that it's hard to even identify it as the same band. I'd be really interested to see them live to see how they weave the two different sounds together. Plus they were a lot of fun when I saw them previously. I like your "Delorean covering Animal Collective" statement. That is pretty spot on for most of it.

    "2080" is still their best song though.

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