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A fairly new Russian Netlabel has released released 5 albums over the past year:
Doyeq - Eyelashes Of Lanterns - (pass003 - jan. 2010)
Blissful garland of nice matured clouds and fresh snowfalls assebmled by Doyeq and their pocket orchestra. Silent harbour surrounded by shaded lanterns and paper rustle is prepared for your visit. Our winged train brings you there, no ticket required. Point down your eyelashes and enjoy the stay

Doyeq is:
"Doyeq project was formed in January 2009. Participants are Sergey Kulikov and Vitaly Bragin from Moscow. Sergey was born in 1985, graduated regular high school and entered the legal institute. Vitaly was born in 1983 and completed a similar social and education course.
In parallel with the study Sergey created ambient music under Tutty moniker and Vitaly worked in conjunction with some local psychedelic band. Both guys appeared on different thematic activities in Moscow as solo artists and then together under Doyeq alias."

Doyeq @
Doyeq @ Emuland
Doyeq @ Myspace

- My 2 cents:
This could very well become a candidate for Netlabel album of the year and might even please fans of classical music.

- More to come...


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    - Next one:
    Slow - Strange Dreams - (pass-005 - March.2010)
    Smooth and absorbing full-length dream movie, intricate like a mandala and vast like a wilderness. Steal a nap and discover blurred hues from the past, unexplored mysterious lands, illusive toneboxes and delicate womanhood far off the reality pipe. Have a nice flow.
    Slow is:
    Sergey Suokas was born in Petrozavodsk in the north of Russia. In solo he produces freaky minimal techno as Suokas, ear-friendly melodic electronica as Hot Arctic and atmospheric abstractionism as Slow. Soon after he started his own productions he hooked up with other likeminded people in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many other cities eventually resulting a plenty of great musical connections.
    Suokas composed music for silent movie "Mother" as Electron Hemisphere (with Mental Overdrive and Aggie Peterson), arranged ambient compositions with Feldmaus (also known as Modul) and produced vocal pop-electronica with Svea. He also participated in one-shot collaborations with dOP and AI (as Ritturbont). Working under many aliases Sergey always keeps atmospheric and glitchy mood full of smooth organic noises and pure life with a certain nothern touch in his music.

    - My 2 cents:
    Amazing ! - Slow just keeps on getting better and better.

    Strange Dreams @

    Ps: More Slow @ Amclark's standard lecture...
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    Polar Lights - Reflections (pass-006 april 2010)
    "Excellent still spring four track issue. A small collection of eternally warm and hazy reflections to celebrate the glory of presence. Exceptionally soft and clear substance. Down the airpath, up the waterglide"
    Polar Light is:
    Polar Lights is a project of Kirill Pavlyashik from Kaliningrad. Since 2000 Kirill is involved in creation of versatile electronic music. His first experiments with dictaphone records and classical music samples rose a keen response among the wide audience. With the lapse of time Polar Lights gets into modern deep, minimal and jazzy directions.

    In 2009 Kirill's creative work drew the attention of some fairly respective record labels such as Multi Vitamins and Pro-Tez where he consequently released several excellent issues. His music is a perfect example of accurate studio work and live stage appearance combination. A handsome, tuneful and vigorous sonic space which every time puts the listener in good spirits and raises vitality.
    Polar Lights @
  • Doyeq and Slow have been great first listens. Both high quality, thoughtful music that felt original, although not too pioneering. About three out of four netlabel dls get flushed from my system after one pass, but those two are stickeys. Recommended ambient music.

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  • ::sigh::
    Brighternow, that is exactly what I wanted to hear at this exact moment. Seriously and sincerely, thank you.
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    Another new Passage release (with happy thanks to Brighternow for this thread, without which I would not have found this!)


    [url=]PASS 010 | MOTIONFIELD The Sound Of Snow[/url]
    The sound of a mouse
    Under the snow
    Is loud to the fox.

    I was really pleased to see this, having enjoyed another free album by Motionfield on another cool label, Testtube (am listening to it now and highly recommend track 7, Timelines):


    Northern Lights

    (and now that I look back there I see a ton of things I have not caught up with - need a month off work for listening :-).
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    I must recommend this ode to vintage synthesizers.
  • @Bad Thoughts - fantastic! love this stuff. Thanks!
  • pass016_-_slow_-_father.jpg
    Slow – Father - (pass016 - March 22nd, 2011)

    "A fresh look at “thoughtful” electronica is presented by Slow aka Sergey Suokas, who already appeared in our catalog with remarkable longplayer “Strange Dreams” and hypnotic live-session “Kumar”. You can expect a nostalgic 3-track journey into amazing and mysterious worlds of Suokas. Stay tuned, various divisions of FUSELab will release some very interesting releases of Sergey soon.
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