Music -- What Happened? (Scott Miller)

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Scott Miller, the man behind a couple of twisted power pop bands I like (Game Theory and The Loud Family) did an interesting series of posts on his blog called Music -- What Happened?

Music -- What Happened?

Basically, he does a year-by-year review of music releases from 1957 to 2006. For each year, he picks some of his favorite songs from that year and writes about them. He was releasing these columns every few weeks from May 2008 until he finished in September 2009, and I found myself checking his blog every few days for a new column after I stumbled across the series about halfway through. His writing is entertaining and I think very smart, and he turned me on to a number of great songs and albums I was unfamiliar with. It seems to be pretty obscure, because I've only seen it mentioned once on another site (and never here or on the eMu boards), but it's well worth checking out.
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