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eClassical seems to have a bunch of deals on sets of BIS albums. These aren't multi-album sets, but several separate releases that have been bundled together and sold for about the price of one album. I'm eying the Choros by Villa-Lobos, about 3 and a half hours of music for $8.99. Has anyone any experience with eClassical?


  • Looks like a lot of cool sets. Even some tuba concertos!
  • Not that anyone has noticed, but there's been some price inflation at eclassical. Every second of regular mp3/flac is not .2-.3 cents, or 12 cents to 18 cents per minute.
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    eClassical is doing its own Advent calendar, offering two recordings each day from BIS and Pentatone at 50% (25% the second day, 10% the third).






    ETA: The discount applies to the tracks as well as the whole album, it would appear.
  • This is great, just downloaded the Bach Motets. Once more, many thanks.
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    I may be the only one, other than MrV, shopping this sale. I thought I'd prod a little harder on this selection, given the high recommendation it received from one of our own:
    The Aho is a great work: mysterious, beautiful, sometimes overwhelmingly powerful, and with a truly haunting finale. Definitely a modern classic. I was going to say 'download it if you like such-and-such' but really anyone should give it a try. Tomasson's concerto suffers somewhat in comparison, but it has a likable jitteriness to it. Christian Lindberg's concerto is as full of color and life as you might expect if you've heard any of his trombone discs. It makes a fitting conclusion to the album, and in fact the nature of the 3 works means they can function collectively as a single mega-concerto that can be listened to right through.

  • Thx for that pointer, BT, up my alley.
  • Ah, Nordic Spell! I'll always associate that album with eMusic at its finest. I don't know how many of you guys were around the eMu boards back in those days (5 years ago, I suppose), but Nordic Spell became the subject of a little campaign by Music Lover. Have a look at these old threads:

    That's what the place was like back in the olden days...
  • Bezaly is Bissie's wife?! Wow.

    Those threads are great, simply if it shows the enthusiasm Bissie had for eMusic. I'm still pleased that he finds ways of making his music cheaply accessible at various outlets, not just with this sale but the numerous special packages that have been showing up at Amazon.
  • Seeing his enthusiasm for the wonderful music community on the boards makes me wonder what he'd say now. Was he ever invited here?
  • I just checked the eclassical Advent Calendar and it is still showing the same selections as yesterday. If you missed the Nordic Spell selection at half price you may still be able to take advantage of this deal. At $4.36 the Aho concerto alone is worth the price of admission, and for all three selection it is quite a bargain.
  • Today's selections are finally up: Beethoven Piano Sonatas and Strauss Waltzes.

    The Aho concerto is really the whole Nordic Spell album. Fantastic.

    Now I need sleep. I intended to respond to Nereffid in the other thread, but after playing Christmas songs three days in a row, I've had it.
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    Today's Advent Calendar Deal, only $3.63.


    eClassical is also offering this at 50%, $4.07. New York Polyphony are highly regarded, although they seem conservative to me.
  • eClassical is now offering a Daily Deal, one title at 50% off each day. Today's selection is: Cherubini - Complete String Quartets, Vol.1, for $3.52.
  • Thanks Mr V - one of my New Year Resolutions is to try to listen to more classical music, so a good place to start for me
  • Nereffid, your links do bring the past back. I'm not real impressed with my contributions to them, though. Maybe I'll mention this thread to ML.
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    I haven't mentioned any of the Daily Deals at eClassical because with the price increase on BIS albums, the deals have just hovered under the eMusic prices. Even so, the per track prices tend to be better.

    This is a really interesting disc for lovers of Early Music, looking at the dispersion of musical themes from Spain, from the age of discovery to the Baroque. There are a lot of tracks, so it's nice to pick and choose (I took about 2/3 the album).
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    From eClassical newsletter:

    "due to the enormous success of last year we are going to repeat the Christmas calendar. For those who weren't part of the eClassical gang then, here's the deal:
    Each day from Dec 1 until Dec 24 at least one BIS and one PentaTone (it could be more - we're negotiating) 24-bit recording will be presented. This record will be for sale two consecutive days at reduced price. Day 1 50%, day 2 25% off regular price. Day 3 the record will be back at regular price."
    Robert von Bahr
    - The Daily Deal will continue as always. That's 50% off regular price.
    Also seems as they are going to offer some discounted box sets.
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    The DOTD is a classic by the two great lutenists. Only $3.49.
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    A little warning: the Advent Calendar selections are changing sooner than the DOTD. Whereas the latter usually updates around 4 am EST, the latter changes about 8 hours earlier, around 8 pm EST.
  • Todays DOTD:

    Contains compositions by a number of composers who are popular here: P
  • Today it's
    J.S. Bach - Cantatas, Vol.16 (BWV 194, 119) performed by Bach Collegium Japan, a real bargain at $4.63
  • 50% off all Minnesota Symphony Orchestra recordings today. Good Sibelius & Beethoven cycles with Osma Vansko
  • One of the cool things about eclassical's dotd is that Bissie adds little comments that offer a lot of insight into the recording and production processes. From today's:
    The major part of the record consists of the newly discovered work "Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn' ihn". This is a strophic work, with 12 verses that basically sound the same, indeed, John Elliot Gardiner supposedly said (somewhat hastily, I am sure), upon hearing that Suzuki had recorded the entire work, that "he is an idiot". BCJ have made efforts in playing the ritornellos in as many different ways as there are such, but it is unavoidable that listening to the whole 48½ minutes in one go becomes rather, shall we say, minimalistic... RvB
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