puzzling Amie tracks corruption

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I just discovered that on 2 separate dates, a total of 117 of my Amie tracks were reduced to 12 kb - enough to maintain an ID3 header, but are dataless, and obviously won't play. I don't know what happened on those dates, and don't know of any way mp3s could be corrupted in that fashion. It's only Amie tracks, and only about a quarter of my total. As I'm at a loss (of both data and ideas), anyone else have some of the latter? Could it be the amie downloader somehow? These tracks did work at some point, so it's not an original download error.

This is on a Mac using iTunes. Can some erroneous iTunes operation induce this?

It does appear I can redownload most or all of these from Amie without restriction, but haven't checked thoroughly.


  • Just to say, nope, never. I am not on a Mac. I have quite often gotten empty or corrupt Zips from Amie, but they never unpacked in the first place. (And this problem has gone away since I have been using the Amie downloader.)

    I wonder if the files are OK in your backup? I have never yet had a problem re-DLing from Amie.
  • I'm on a Mac with iTunes but have never seen this issue. I'll confirm tonight that my files are still good, though.

    I don't use the Amie downloader.

  • is there any chance itunes moved the files somewhere else? Files in "my itunes" often get moved on my (non-mac) system to new folders with what itunes believes is the correct album and artist name, leaving behind a 12k folder. it's a setting in itunes. If they were moved though I don't know what could have happened to the new ones.
  • I'm using iTunes on a Mac and have never had this problem. I have gotten plenty of corrupt downloads from Amie using the downloader, but I've never had a later problem with a file that downloaded properly. I have lately had to break up albums by downloading a few tracks at a time to avoid corruption issues, but once they're there, they're there.
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