Summer Burn 2010 - Who's in?

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Sign up for the 2010 Summer Burn from FunJunkie! is underway. I got some great stuff last year (even though only 1 of my 2 partners followed through with a CD), so I'm signed up and just need to get my post card in the mail....oh and finish the CD. I think I have my track listing down, but we'll see.

Anyway, if you want to sign up, go here.



  • I'm in too :-)
    Glad to see everyone's still keeping things ticking along nicely here.
  • Sounds cool, I'll be checking it out.
  • Thom - It is very cool. Last year I got a great 2 CD set from a guy in the UK with an absolute ton of stuff I'd never heard.

  • I'm in too. I've done okay, though last year one of the Cds mailed to me was destroyed in the mail, which is too bad since it seemed like a much better playlist than the other CD that made it okay. Oh and it's easy to get extra burns. I know Craig and I swapped.

    Now that I have a car with a CD player, I feel much more interested in Cds again!
  • The names are out, and I have to say "Oh, the pressure!" One of my recipients is one of the funjunkie editors. How can my CD possibly live up to the standards of someone who is recording an album tentatively entitled "Covers of Beethoven played on the pink oboe"!?! It can't, that's how.

  • Craig, do a reverse-spin move on him and send a disk of Dave Matthews, Nickelback, etc. Sort of the "Hip to Be Square" approach. Worked for Huey Lewis.

    Here is some help if you are looking for input on which of these bands is "douchier," btw.
  • Love it, Doofy! I'm not sure I could get a whole disk of that together quickly (I have plenty of DMB, but don't think I have any Nickelback), but I'll have to take a look. I could certainly throw some Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy on there....and I'll need to look at all my music to see what else.

    The link is quite illuminating too.

  • Wow cold. Guess I can be glad not to be on your list this year. Just off to send my CD to the UK and NZ.
  • Oh, even if I do send a joke one (which it's not looking like I have the time to do) I'd still send the original that I've already put together.

  • That would be kind of funny in some ways, especially if you could conceal the real CD in the case or somewhere. The poor person could put the joke CD in their stereo, go WTF?! and find the real one later.

    I liked the theme idea and so went with a Southern/ Deep South theme of sorts with my CD.
  • Very cool. You'll have to post up a track list.

    I didn't use a theme this year, other than stuff I'd want to hear in summer. It had been awhile since I made a mix without a theme, so I rather enjoyed it.

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    Posted mine off today and received my first one at the weekend!
    I'll put pics/tracks up soon.

    Pics and tracklist are up in the Flickr Group.
  • My first one came in on Saturday (and mine are going out today). You know it's going to be an interesting mix when track one is Joy Division and the last track is a jazz xylophone cover of "Satisfaction". It certainly is interesting! Also included in the package was Bentley Rhythm Ace - For Your Ears Only. I was not familiar with them, but have been really enjoying the album thus far.

    The artwork on the disc certainly puts mine to shame. Reg has talent.

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