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OK I been holding back

Here is a rec for anyone interested in the neo new soul urban contempt synth funk genre.

Chester Gregory's self published CD (CD baby) has a deft touch and and deep understanding of "how its did". He seems to be plugged into something as he's got the rights to cover some well known tunes and he puts his own particular spin on each.

Nice, very nice!

root for the underdog

fight the power

and let the music play

each and every day

This one's a sleeper check it out


  • Rec yourself this your album, jUj? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

    Either way, I grabbed it and will give it a listen either tonight or tomorrow.

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    No rec yourself is my, apparently, feeble attempt at humorous wordplay at one in the morning

    It is not my CD but I would be very proud if it were

    I was going for something along the lines of rec yourself before you check yourself

    Anyhoo, I envision another Simon sez type thread without all the rules and commitments

    Just A list recommendations

    It seems we have gotten away from the music and that is what we all have in common

    I hope you enjoy the Chester Gregory CD, I know I am.

    Not attempting to compete with or replace the other two rec threads
    Still sifting through the recs there and maybe I'll steal a few recs and bring them here
  • I thought that might be the case, but had to make sure!

    I'll throw out a REC for my favorite local Celtic band. They're a happy medium between the Celtic rock side of things put forth by bands like Young Dubliners, and the folk traditions of the music.

    The live album Live: What's it to Ya was recorded last year at a St. Paul bar and yours truly was in attendance.

    That album isn't on Amie, but Amie does have the excellent studio album Irish in America.

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    And we're back...

    with our second rec yourself rec.

    erm third rec when you count cafreema's rec but second for me personally

    I went to an Earth Wind & Fire concert recently (yeah, they still got it

    They had heavy promo running for This Philip Baileyjoint, which sounds nice enough so I downloaded it. They were selling it for $5 at the show so thanks place that shall not be mentioned.

    2nd edit
    Oh yeah, check out Philip Bailey's website where you can pick up a free fifth track if you give them an email address.

    Well anyway while looking for the Philip Bailey music I stumbled across this gem called Transoceanic by a group called Audio Caviar which just so happens to include original EWF member Ralph Johnson.

    Well the initial samples and the album art kind of threw me off


    I thought it was gonna be some ambient meditation background crap by some no name losers trying to make rent money.

    But this seems special

    Its got the EWF vibe and some name brand help including the current members of EWF. I would have passed it by were it not for the member reviews which were quite insistent that I download it. And its been a while since I used my downloads to experiment with unknown music but hey, isn't that what it really is supposed to be about anyway.

    I have only listened to the samples so I am taking a bit of a flyer here by rec-ing it in here in my only the best shit that you might be sleeping on will do thread but I think it will hold up.

    What do you think?
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    Hello is thing on

    What about it?

    Today's rec is from the late great funkateer Eddie Hazel

    The place which shall not be named comes in with a so called collector's item that apparently is worth a lot of money if you have an original copy.


    check it out
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    My ears are never wrong (well there was my unfortunate disco period but it wasn't just me it was everybody).

    But this isn't disco

    Do yourselves a favor and check out Elin pronounced E-Aleen. This chick definitely needs help on her marketing as she was hard as hell to track down but I found her album "Lazy Afternoon" on Amazon

    I got the CD for five bucks from overstock

    Check out her story on PRI


    The song that got me was one she composed and sang in apparently very fluent Portuguese called "La Luna". I can't understand what she is saying but I sure as hell know what she means.

    The best sound quality sample is in itunes but I have recently discovered that you must give them your birth date in order to purchase music. WTF. So I guess I won't be buying any music from them.

    jackedUPjazz strikes again
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    On Netflix the other day I streamed the doco of the making of the album "Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" (recommended if you like that gospel sound even if not a Dylan fan) and it had Rance Allen on it which reminded me I have had his Stax Profiles record in my Save for Later for about three years. So I got it. It's great!

    I will rec one song "Let the Music Get Down in Your Soul" which is 8 (eight) minutes and 45 seconds of exuberant funky soul -- sure to pick up up after a crap day, or before one. Rance covers the map with the range of his voice, great piano, funky bass and just when you think its over back around it comes again. Well worth a credit if you have a spare one floating round.

    Also he looks like Bunk from The Wire which makes me like him more.
  • Agreed Nank

    However, this version is available in the US.

    Your link not available here, apparently its a down under type thang
  • Thanks JUJ. I got that Gregory Porter you rec'd too last night -- noice!
  • Well we aims to please Nank

    An update on my last rec for Lazy Afternoon by Elin

    She has a very nice website where she streams the entire album.

    "La Luna" is still my favorite but check out "I Love New York"

    Wish I had some new goodies for you but nothing is really tingling my ears right now.

    Its good to chat again. Maybe we can get the band back together again (plus, of course, a couple of newbs).
  • Ok, so this one is actually rec'd by my 3 year old who has a deep love for Studio Ghibli.


    Message of Rouge by Yumi Arai is the title track from the Japanese version of Kiki's Delivery Service. CollectionDX has a fantastic write up about the track and some of it's history. They also made available on YouTube a copy of the track which I converted to an MP3 if anyone is interested.

    Give it a shot, you might just find it as infectious as our house does.
  • @Elwood

    Nice production and orchestration. Its like right out of the 60s. Not my particular cup of tea, but I can see how this could grow on you.

    You know, one day I am going to throw a party for all those hip, super chic, too cool for school, pony tail wearing types around town so I can play this kind of music in the background to impress them with my eclectic and esoteric, you can't find this shit in the record store taste in music.

    The emusers website is really special and unique for bringing all of us music lovers together under one roof with no adult supervision (i.e. no marketing crap or profit forecasts or astro turf etc.)
  • Well here we are post big bang and we are still here.

    Its been a while since I have had anything to put up for rec but I just stumbled upon one of my all time favorite under appreciated albums. No this ain't some no name wanna be, this is none other than Marvin Gaye and his critically panned recreation of his painful divorce from Anna Gordy (Barry's sister) Here My Dear

    Although the critics hated it, I never understood why this album wasn't a major smash million seller. I guess it was a little TOO real as Marvin described the breakup of his marriage in song and recorded it as a settlement for past due alimony and child support payments.

    While the subject matter may be a bit taboo, the music was classic Marvin overdubbed self harmonies and understated funk.

    I guess it just goes to prove Marvin could have sung the periodic table and made it into beautiful music.




    I ran out of cash before I saw this but I re-up in a couple days and I probably will splurge for the deluxe edition which has duplicate takes that sound like the instrumentation has been stripped down to the bare essentials.

    Also, on a related note if you are an early period Marvin Gaye fan you will want to check out Lost & Found Love Starved Heart album. This thing is chock full of unreleased classics that sound like they would have been hits had they been released back in the 60's. I don't know why these gems were never released. I guess they had to leave some room on the airwaves for the Beatles or something.

    But check it out

    Nice, no?

    Just a little polish around the edges and

    you could have been humming these from memory

    I snagged it back in the waning days of the "all you can eat" period when your downloads were limited only by the size of your hard drive and your tolerance for listening to the limited crap they had available back then. Ahhh, good times.

    Well I guess that's it for now

    Marvin fans of the world unite
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    Wow, its been over a year since anyone tickled my fancy.

    I am gonna have to pick up the pace.

    Well, the Curtis Brothers are tickling the hell out of me right now

    They have been around the block a time or two but I am just now hearing about it. I will be very pleased with myself if this is your first introduction to the their music. If not just enjoy anyway.

    They need a publicist or something cause it was hard as hell to find a clean link to their music.

    Since I kind of have my own rhythm I won't be posting much in the other threads but I will be hanging out here from time to time. Feel free to join me or ignore me as the mood strikes you.
  • The tingle meter is in the red on this one Soul Lifted by Liv Warfield
  • Yall don't understand, this band be hittin notes I ain't heard since 8th grade revival.

    OK here's a clue. The live performance is way more badass than the recorded version, when's the last time that happened in your world.

    Fine, I'll say it out loud, ya boy Prince is the executive on the project.

    Oh, now I have your attention.

    Nereffid, say something.
  • Okay, that's pretty freakin' great jUj. As for last time live was more badass than recorded? Seeing D'Angelo and Questlove jam last summer put everything D'Angelo has ever recorded to shame (and that's saying something).

  • What's the only thing worse than the cat bringing home a dead mouse to share with the humans?

    The cat bringing home half a mouse to share.

    And I'm starting to feel like the cat that brought home half a mouse here.

    Yall just ain't appreciating the gracious bounty I have laid at your feet.

    Fine, I'll take it out in the back yard and save it for later. See me in three months.
  • Now that's a good way to start a Thursday morning.

    Thanks jUj!

  • Cécile McLorin Salvant winner of the 2010 Thelonious Monk international jazz competition

    Attention must be paid this kid has a lot of textures in her voice

    Check it out

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