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Last month there was a little buzz about the introduction of Music Maker at eMu. Well, I live close the the label's hq, and they put on free Blues concerts during the Fall in downtown Durham. I checked out Cool John Ferguson last night (about three hundred people showed up), and chatted a little bit with the rep (a little difficult considering that my 4yo was overtired.) I got a cd out of the deal ( a sixteen track collection of work that Taj Mahal did with the label's artists) and a DVD documentary--very, very generous. I'm probably going to the next concert, Pat Mother Blues Cohen with the awesome Bubba Norwood.


  • Excellent! Hopefully they do well enough on eMu to make it worth their artists' while to be there.

    What's the documentary of?

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    I think I discovered Toot Blues independently, but I was looking for a place to post this and found BT has beaten me to the punch by about 6 years.

    Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this and thought it was worth sharing, even if you have already seen it before. Enjoy

    Toot Blues

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