We were promised...

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I've been waiting for this album for months, ever since I first heard Quiet Little Voices (I love the video almost as much as I love the song). Jangly guitars! Poppy rhythms! Scottish angst! What more could you ask for?

Unfortunately it's not for me until my refresh at the end of this week, but I hope others might also enjoy.


  • It's on my list for my next refresh.

    It got a pretty good review on Pitchfork, with about the only criticism being that it can be "too angsty." As I believe it is simply impossible for a Scot to be too angsty (seriously the national symbol is a thistle!) I marked that criticism as a good thing.

  • craig...y'er an enigma...i'm all set to give you a meaningful insight honor badge then i try and justify it with ray23 being part of the fabric. what gives with that???

    next time y'er out with him, take him out at the knees + tell him "could be worse, 68 could be around + peein' on ya."

    snicker...+ clink.
  • Raymond just makes me laugh. His old man crotchetiness (even though he isn't old) is just so humorous to me. I can't really explain it beyond that. I guess I've just known him (mostly online) for long enough that his posts are incredibly predictable to me.

    I only see him once or twice a year (if that), and usually at Twinsfest as we are both big Twins fans, but I'll see what I can do!

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