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Got an e-mail from a friend of mine that he had an extra ticket to see The New Pornographers that night. I jumped at the chance - even if it was at one of my least favorite venues ever (the ridiculously situated Terminal 5 in NYC). But it didn't matter - at least 3 years since I last got to see any concerts. 3 freakin' years! I used to see at least 20/year! Damn kids!

Anywho, without going into too much detail I'll say that it was awesome. We got there late and only saw the last couple songs of Ted Leo (which was a bummer because he sounded good), but that did give us plenty of time to settle in for the main act. For starters, they are freakin' tight! We're talking up to 8 people on stage and they would just blaze through some of their faster songs. Secondly - NEKO CASE... SWOON!

Seriously, even from way back she was hot as hell and her voice is just... damn. Even better live. And I have to admit that the other woman - Kathryn - has a damn fine voice, too. I can see why she fills in when Neko isn't around. Overall they seemed to focus mostly on Twin Cinema and Together - which are my favorites so that worked out well. They even threw in "Mass Romantic", the song that introduced them to me, and then finished with "Sing Me Spanish Techno". In between there was some funny banter and awesome playing.

Highly recommended.


  • Nice review. I've seen Neko live solo, and she's just phenomenal. Loose, jokey, sexy as all hell, and she just lets it all go when she's singing. I'll look out for the NP, would really like to see them.
  • Good you got them with Neko. They came through town earlier this fall, but without her so I passed. Kathryn Calder is good, but I just don't think it would be the same.

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    I've got the podcasts at home so I am unsure but I believe it was from NPR - there was a very nice Neko one.

    Edit- It's NPR:Live Concerts From All Things Considered
    Neko Case -Live from Disney Hall 11/21/07
    Middle Cyclone Tour 4/10/09
    also New Pornographers in Concert 10/27/2007
  • sexy as all hell

    cosign. loved their new album, but something gone for me. maybe they just overstayed their welcome? i dunno.
  • New Pornographers are okay, but I am SOLD on Neko, on both looks and voice. After getting my first Neko solo album at eMu - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood -- I went on to get three more in short order. She has an incredible voice and is so expressive. Fox Confessor disappeared from eMu for a long time. It is still my favorite. I also got The Tigers Have Spoken last month, but haven't listened to it yet. I downloaded it on the fly, on my laptop at the library. I need to transfer it to my external drive.
  • I can't remember which song it was now, but the first one they played that started with Neko gave me chills. I remember having a similar reaction when I first played Fox Confessor. Should pick up her older ones, too. She also had some of the funniest banter when she first went off on the probability of them dying on their way to England because they all booked different flights and then turning that into a "turning 40 sucks" rant. Then she and the drummer started swapping sob stories while A.C. just smiled and confessed that life was pretty good for him.

    The show definitely made me appreciate the group even more overall, and I'll probably be picking up the ones I don't have when I get the chance.
  • 3 years. Seriously?

    Do it again. It's good for you.
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