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Black Metal covers of 80s hits...available for Free Download


  • Thanks... was fun to listen to as I read through some mind numbingly boring online 'training'.
  • I was impressed!

    "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and "In the Air Tonight" are kinda skippable, though. Black metal just doesn't work with that shuffling 2/4 beat in the former, and as for the latter, well... I don't think you could make that song interesting if you made it twice as fast and had Alexandra Lawn of Ra Ra Riot do the vocals wearing only a cello. (Not that I wouldn't mind seeing the results of someone trying to do that, of course.)
  • I don't know ScissorMan, Nonpoint put a pretty hard edge on it, though certainly not black metal. I think someone screaming the lyrics like a lunatic has potential, as does the Alexandra Lawn version you proposed above.
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