The Movie Thread



  • jonahpwll said:
    Hey, are any of you big into Criterion Collection?  I'm in the process of buying a bunch of DVDs of older movies I want on my shelf, and I'm wondering if I should automatically buy any that have a Criterion edition or if I really need to check the reviews to see if the original movie version is superior to what Criterion put out.

    I have collected lots of Criterion editions over the years (on Blu-ray, DVD and even laserdisc). As a general rule, the Criterion editions are very well done with lots of extra features, and the transfers are usually superior to other, earlier releases of the same movie. If you are focusing on older movies, the Criterion releases are a pretty safe bet, but it never hurts to check the reviews first. If there are specific movies you're interested in, I can make recommendations if I have them.
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