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There's a Polish deli down the street from where I work. It's a family run place. The son happens to have a love of vinyl (records, that is, no weird fetishes here). It's cool because he's got a nice collection out and actually plays an eclectic mix. Today it was one of those classic Hooked on Swing albums. Looking at the rack I noted Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, a Frank Sinatra album, Hugo Winterhalter Goes Latin and The White Stripes' White Blood Cells. I remember another time Herp Albert was on top.

I think I'm a little bummed that I have to go to a deli to see something like this rather than an actual record shop...


  • There is a Mexican (and other assorted local ethnicities) grocery in my neighborhood that is always piping in cool music. Generally Latin/salsa, but sometimes jazz and other eclectic stuff. I've never asked them about it, perhaps I should. For other Northsiders on the board, I'm talking about Harvestime on Lawrence Ave, near Lincoln Square. It is yuppifying somewhat, but they had the cool music even before that.
  • This morning I went in for a taylor ham, egg and cheese. Some classical-like music was playing, but it sounded oddly familiar. Checked out the record player and discovered it was The Baroque Beatles Book. Quite the novelty.

    However I was rather disappointed to find out that the Harmonicats album still on the shelf did not actually involve cats playing harmonicas.
  • @doofy - lawrence is 4800 north, right? we used to live about 3 blocks north of the 5600 N and not far east of lincoln square - on winchester - this is 17/18 years ago. but they had a wonderful vietnamese restaurant: "little home" nestled in amongst the typical mexican fare - absolutely could not get enough of their food...i'd always grab a "clay pot special" for take home on cold winter nights. it was byob and they'd play vietnamese music in pure form. can there be a better formula?
  • In the (tiny) college town just south of us, they opened up a Hapkaido joint in one of the strip malls off the bypass. Excitedly, I veered off the road and into the parking lot. When I got closer to the storefront, it became depressingly clear that hapkaido was a type of martial arts and had nothing to do with eating. So desperate am I for some wintertime fish stew and bulgogi with a side of tofu, kimchee, and rice, that I stuck my head into the store just to be sure they didn't have a little snack corner tucked into the back of the space or even a tiny sushi bar for snacking in between rounds of shadowboxing.
    Guh, lame.
    I miss my Joong Boo market.
  • @jonahpwll, could have just been a front. I think you should go back, sit down and ask for a menu and some tea.
  • Bb, indeed, the ethnic spots are one of the great advantages of living on this side of town. Almost all BYO too. We're completely spoiled...feel like it's pricey when the bill for 2 of us comes to more than $25. Current fave for Thai is Sticky Rice on Western near Irving. I wonder if you could be thinking of Pasteur? But maybe not, that was a bit posher than the storefront places. Long gone now. We haven't done Vietnamese for a long time.
  • @jonahpwll, could have just been a front. I think you should go back, sit down and ask for a menu and some tea.
    OMG!!! I'm still laughing.
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    @Doofy. dude. western + irving is about 6 blocks from my wife's office (dentist) - we were just there for dinner at the Moroccan restaurant - south side of Irving. next time jonah gets into town we're all going out! woohoo. damn, this warm weather in february is maddening.

    shokran morroccan grill

    and i second mommio's rotflmao moment. emusers - constantly spanning the globe...
  • Oh, terrific. I've noticed some places popping up out there by the highway. We'll be tryin' it soon! Here's another good one in the 'hood: http://www.zebdachicago.com/ . Pretty much carry-out, though we think you can eat in at the bar next door. All of these places are like walking distance from the pad, so count me in!
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  • @Doofy

    In case you've overlooked it, just down the street from Zebda is a great little taco stand. It's got a real cool outside area (no indoor seating except for a small card table) with great art and weird seats and tables. Real good food.

    El Potosi


  • bulgogi with a side of tofu, kimchee, and rice

    Yum. I love bulgogi! There is a great Korean place very close-by. I only like to go there for lunch, though. They have wonderful box lunches. I usually get the spicy pork (very difficult name for me to remember, not easy like bulgogi) & my son & husband get the bulgogi.
    Your post inspired me to make my own version of bulgogi. I was going to have it last night but plans changed, so we'll have it tomorrow night. It's marinating!

    Wish I could find some decent kielbasa around here. There is another dish I make with kielbasa, kraut, potatoes & bacon that is yum. The last time I got a national brand packaged kielbasa, it tasted like hot dogs.
  • Jonah, that's like at the end of my street. In a neighborhood where you can't swing a dead cat w/o hitting a tacqueria, that's one I haven't tried yet. Will try soon, in lieu of the usual trip to Taqueria El Asadero on Montrose.

  • @Doofy, that really does not help my weight loss efforts. You have been reported to the Ministry of Munchies.
  • They know me well over at the Ministry. Note you get a basket of chips w/ a nice green salsa before your tacos come.

    Isn't that just the greatest portrait of a taco you've ever seen? We have this crazy food site called LTH Forum, all over town you get people snapping photos of their food before they dig in.
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    We have this crazy food site called LTH Forum, all over town you get people snapping photos of their food before they dig in.

    Are you a participant on the forum or just a lurker? I participated a little bit, but it was right around the time I moved, so I didn't have much to contribute once I was no longer on the scene. I could've given a whole shitload of reviews for their Louisville thread, but taking pictures of my food in a restaurant is a bit too geeky for me, and besides, it's a pain in the ass loading photos from my camera onto a Flickr-type account then posting them on a thread. Too much trouble, especially when there's album art to post and music recs to make.
    Besides, there's some real douchebags on that site, so it makes it difficult for me to even want to contribute my time and post. But it is a pretty good resource for restaurant info. They get seriously detailed in their food reviews. It's crazy (this coming from a guy who posts on at least three different music sites).
  • Lurker all the way. It's great for getting the lowdown on new spots. Haven't been around enough to scope out personalities, but it's clear I'm not at the same level as a competitive eater. I've actually read some things where the local hostelries are getting fed up with the food fashion shoots.
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