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borders in uptown closing - 4718 N. Broadway Ave - 25 - 50% everything. if you are in the hood, i'd be very interested if they have "from the earth to the moon" dvd box set.



  • I raided the Lincoln Village store last week...thought of taking another whack when the prices had dropped further. Suspect much of the stuff i'm interested in will still be there.

    There was a handwritten sign to the effect that items were not returnable in the "liqudization sale."
  • If you're at the uptown borders, you're not far from the Green Mill. Just sayin'.
  • Tis true. But I am closer to the Old Town School, which is where I'm going to see Dave Alvin this weekend!
  • plastic. silver. nine-volt heart.

    tell him that is an amazing song.
  • Will do. Or better yet, tell him yourself: http://twitter.com/#!/davealvin
  • For as many small independent bookstores as Borders pushed out of various neighborhoods, they can go fuck themselves with their snark.

    Funny sign though.
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    We had a really great Borders about 15 miles away. The best range of books for miles, a good range of CDs across a number of genre and a good cup of coffee too - it was always busy. Like all Borders here it closed a year or so ago. The irony is that Amazon's mega, mega warehouse system is only another couple of miles down the road, but I can't go there browse (and buy!) books and CDs, have a coffeee and a brownie. And prior to Borders opening we didn't really have anything else nearby selling books - now we have nowhere again
  • Jonah, several of the good local bookstores seemed to have survived the storm, incl Women & Children, Barbara's, and whatever that one in Lincoln Sq. is called. Evidence of justice in the Universe? Well, maybe...

    Brittleblood, we tried Shokran a couple weeks ago. Great spot, we'll be back!
  • We went into Borders a few times since the closings were announced. I bought a few things, filling up my niche of contemporary French fiction and a biography of Alan Lomax. However, I've decided that even though they are still open--and practically dirt cheap--it's too much of chore to shop there.
  • The Borders near us is one of them that is surviving. I guess that's good, but it is only about a mile from a Barnes & Noble.

  • I found a few things at one closing in Plano, mostly contemporary poetry and fiction, but I had to really look. Very odd to see that just about everything including the fixtures is for sale.

    @Doofy: Poets and Writers did a feature for about a year of local book stores and Women & Children featured for a month. Sounds like a cool bookstore.
  • That sign would be much funnier if the fact that Borders GAVE their online business to Amazon wasn't such a driving force in these closings.

    I went to the nearest closing store, but it was already picked pretty clean. Still, the line was like 20+ minutes long which discouraged me from buying the few CDs I had picked out. As far as books, I couldn't even figure out where most things were anymore.

    Oddly enough, it's the local bookstore that actually discounts books (everything new is always 10% off) and has an incredible selection of used ones that survived the big chances and the online frenzy. And look! They just announced they'll start selling CDs and vinyl soon! I'm in heaven!
  • @thom, we made out like bandits with the book sale. We've been hitting the stores with each progressive drop in price and have been using Amazon's iPhone app to check pricing and using Hunter Touch (the app for Book Hunter on the Mac) to track what we've bought and want to buy. So far we've picked up over 150 books including tax for less than Amazon's price. Kids books were the hardest as they cleaned out in the opening days but Gabi is still swimming in them. The only downside is that with my wife reading a book every two days she'll exhaust her supply and be using up my Bookmooch credits and emptying the local library again.
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