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To everyone in Irene's path: stay safe. We'll probably be at it's outer edge overnight, but we'll still hunker down.


  • Ditto on the well wishes from Minnesota.

    We obviously don't have to deal with hurricanes, but a tornado did take my parents roof when I was younger, so I know what wind and water can do. Best of luck to all and make sure those photo albums are protected.

  • Best wishes BT - I did wonder about you when I heard about it on the news a few hours ago
  • This will be the second wind-incident this year. The tornado came within a two miles of my wife's work--while she was at work. We'll be outside the "moderate to extreme winds" zone, so I expect to encounter little damage. However, our power seems unusually vulnerable to wind. I will not be surprised if the lights won't go on tomorrow.
  • Good luck, everyone.
  • stay safe, all. i've been through three now: hurricanes katrina and wilma (in our current coral gables house, which pretty much were in the storm's path) and hurricane andrew (in my old apartment on kendall and 142nd avenue, which was hit hard by the worst possible storm).

    thankfully this storm's winds have slowed, i read? fill your bathtubs with gin, in case power is out for a long time.
  • Thanks for the well wishes. Here in Virginia I've battened the hatches (actually I strapped them with a ratcheting tie-down). We're supposed to get the worst overnight. So far 22 mph wind & moderate rain. I've laid in the essentials: Wine, Beer, various Distilled Spirits, and gas for the generator.
  • Hang tight, Dr. M. It's a long, long storm. We ended up being right on its edge, getting some wind and some rain, but spared almost all the damaging effects.
  • Seems to be ebbing from what I read - did everyone come through OK?
  • Reporting from Connecticut, my family and I found it a profoundly relaxing event. Highlights of the day included cooking zucchini red curry with rice vermicelli and reading the Sunday NY Times all the way through (usually finish on Wednesday).
  • We haven't heard from our in-laws since this morning. They're in eastern CT. We're a little worried.
  • @BT it is quite likely they are in an outage zone, here's a list of blackouts by towns. Around here, phone lines are strung alongside power lines so when trees come down they typically cut both, also, there have been reports of cell tower damage. Another place to check might be Patch.com, it's sort of like a hyper local news portal, just search for their town or ones near it and I'll bet you stumble on a Patch where you can get some reporting about statuses.
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    Thanks for the advice. Just heard from my wife's aunt that the phones are out in their area. Unfortunately, their town isn't on patch.com. They have a newspaper, which is, unfortunately, useless: it closes for the weekend. I'll start looking at the news from the adjacent towns.

    ETA: Duh! You know already how useless the Comical is!
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