Tom Waits - Bad As Me: Want a code to stream it?

edited October 2011 in Spiritual
So the new Waits is streaming until Friday at, but you need a code to hear it. I have 5 codes. Anyone want one?



  • Because they can only be used by one person I'll whisper it to any takers. Your whisper is coming up now jonahpwll.

    It's quite good, but I can't wait to hear it on real speakers. Best part so far is when he actually "sings" "heavens to murgatroid". Snagglepuss rules.

  • I will pass on trying to stream, but would like to hear any impressions those who do stream would like to share.
  • I'd like one if you still got 'em...want to pass it along to a friend who is a bigtime Waits fan.
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