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Perhaps I missed this year's shopping advice, but I should have dispensed with family bliss for Thanksgiving and spent all my time online on Thursday and Friday. Looking around I see few deals that are as good as last week, none that are as good as last year. Moreover, what's on sale is unremarkable. I'm tempted to spam the internet with messages that say "Cyber Monday sux", but I feel I'll only truly be sated if I can think up a clever way of mispelling sux (maybe "sucks").

My prediction for 7digital's advent calendar: $5 Bee Gees' albums.


  • I got a good deal on a star wars toy, and replaced our broken camera at a good price, and am almost done for the season, all by spending a few minutes with the phone.

    All the music deals really do kinda xuk though.
  • I almost bought the new Fleet Foxes's CD for $5 or so on Amazon but decided since I already have a digital copy that it was silly. I did thought pick up three seasons of Mad Men for $8 each on there. I do agree though that most of the music on sale on Amazon last week and today is weak.
  • I'm really wanting to get my wife one of those (oh dear god, here it goes... I'm gonna sound like some old fart who just learned how to use the googler) tablet contraptions that will allow her to read kindle books and use the internet and check emails and watch movies. I think the one she wanted was called a Nook. But I'm not sure that is an internets thing, so I might have to get her an Apple Tablet (or whatever it is called).

    Technology has totally left me behind. It kinda xux, but hopefully I'll find what she wants, at a good deal, and I won't give away the object of her gift by having a literal nervous breakdown as I virtually shop.
  • Applies negative pressure.

    Given reports of shoppers walking over a dying man, spraying others with pepper spray, etc, the US may want to take a hard look into its soul on this whole Black Friday thing.
  • Silly Doofy. The invisible hand of the market says it's a good thing.

    jonahpwll - Check out the Kindle Fire, that's probably the direction I'd go if I were you.

  • Even more insulting, I put a toy into my Amazon cart, took my son to school, and came back to see that the deal was "sold out," even though it's still in stock. Apparently I must spend the whole day wildly ordering things. Phuq u, Amazon, you xux!
  • I agree about the general xukitude. Wasn't really interested in gadget shopping, but the only music deal I took advantage of was that Song of the Sybil recording that BT pointed out at 7Digital. And that wasn't part of a sale.
  • Yeah amazon has gotten rather fascist in timing deals in their shopping cart and making you check back for staggering deals 24/7.
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    Black Friday is a new phenomena for us, introduced mainly by on-line retailers like Amazon and Apple. I looked at a few things on Amazon that were not much cheaper than other places, so didn't bother. The only thing I would have bought was a tablet for children for my grandaughter, but they were out of stock, and had actually gone up anyway from a couple of weeks ago when I last looked. That'll teach me, but I needed to check with her mother first that no-one else was buying it too.
  • I've been underwhelmed with most of the "deals", or maybe it's just stuff I don't need - well. I don't know that I "needed" that pair of bongo drums I ordered, but I did want them. Music deals were zucky - I did go AC/DC yesterday.

    I have a plan to add 100's, that's right 100's, of new albums to my collection - I ordered a turntable - all those vinyl albums I haven't heard in years, it's like they're going to be brand new (some have not ever been played - acquired during the demise of vinyl clearance days), so we'll see how that goes. Otherwise, I've been rather chill compared to last year.
  • I got some Cyber Monday stuff -- quite a few Kindle books from Amazon were either good discounts things I already had saved (Colin Escott's history of Sun Records) or cheap enough they were worthwhile, and a Buy 1 Get 50% of something else at the MLB store, so I stocked up on Cubs gear. Of course MLB wanted $50 (!) in shipping to Australia so I got it sent to my sister in Arizona and will paypal her the much-less-than-fifty-bucks-actually-shipping-cost.
  • Tell your sister to keep the Cubs gear, and go spend that shipping cash on alcohol instead. Cubs fans are gonna need a stiff drink this year.
  • Go to the amazon mp3 deal thread for a deal that definitely does not xuc, thanks to Luddite!
  • @jonahpwll I see no reason why I can't have both. And I do, regularly. We are in our Australian baseball season at the moment and my Sydney Blue Sox have lost 10 of last 11 games by combined score of 86-28 -- almost makes me nostalgic for the relative triumph of a Cubs season ....
  • You sure know how to pick 'em.
  • The masochism practice has come in very handy with eMusic recently.
  • I would imagine that comparing the emusic experience to that of being a Cubs fan might be a pretty damning indictment.
  • Your name is not even Jonah? I feel betrayed.
  • Your name isn't Nanker, either!

    My name is actually, Craig.

  • The ironic thing is after attempting to subtly shed the Jonah name both here and on emu, I finally gave up and decided to go all-in on the Jonah Powell moniker, figuring I would from now on use it for all of my music writing. And now, of course, circumstances have that a moot decision.

    And betrayal? Get used to it, honey. That's the music biz. As they say, "Music is good (when it's used for betrayal)".
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