Bon Iver Erotic Stories

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This is the greatest use of Tumblr ever. I swear, it's even better than Sterling Archer Draper Pryce, and that's saying something!



  • Wow, thanks Craig. This is hilarious! It inhabits that gray area of needing to just know a little about his work to find it funny, but the more you know, the funnier it is.
  • No doubt, CW00.
    Today Bon Iver wrapped me in his flannel, which smelled like charred pine and licorice, and took me outside to show me a perfect spiderweb.

    That's funny no matter what you know about Justin Vernon.

  • Just saw mention of it on emu's 17 Dots twitter feed.
  • Talking of 17 Dots, Jonah, has there been any new jazz releases this week? Although I have suspended my membership for a couple of months or more, I still want to check out your jazz new releases each week, but I couldn't find anything earlier today for this week
  • eMu was asking on Facebook about artists you'd like to see brought back to life as holograms, and I suggested Bon Iver.

    Greg, I have recently worked out how to keep track of this myself!
  • Thanks Doofy! I'll add into favourites.
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    Hey, Greg.

    On the "main site" article, my jazz picks are still combined with Joe Keyes' picks and can only be found under his name. On the 17 Dots blog, my picks get their own post and can be found under my name as well as by clicking on the tag Dave Sumner's Jazz Picks (though that tag still needs to get added to the current post).

    Here's a link to the current one...


    EDIT: Which, I just noticed, Doofy links to one of those search tools for contributor name.
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    Thanks Jonah - I could find this nowhere on the UK emusic site. It is obviously there but there is no signposting to it!! It looks like on 17 Dots they have now a UK New Releases section that has been going for a few weeks, so they have decided to drop the equivalent from the US, which, of course, contains your new releases. Yet as I said above there is no signposting to it elsewhere either. Yet always at least two thirds of your picks are available in the UK. When I come out of my sabatical, I'll contact customer services! I particularly liked the Daniel Freedman release, so I may even download it from itunes, as Amazon do not have it, similalry emusic here.
  • I'll be including the Freedman in tomorrow's Jazz Picks. Got confirmation that it was, in fact, a new release and not a recycle of something previously on emusic.
  • I love how a discussion of Bon Iver fan fiction has turned into a jazz discussion.

    Only on emusers!

  • And, ironically, it had nothing to do with Colin Stetson (who is the defacto leader of Bon Iver's group on sax).
  • True! That hadn't even occurred to me.

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