1201 CD Offer

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I found this offer when browsing the website of 1201 Music/Black Lion. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but someone must be able to take advantage of it.
This month, 1201 Music is giving away a FREE jazz CD from our collection!

If you purchase 4 digital downloads this month, we will send you 1 free hard copy CD in the mail. IMPORTANT: To receive your FREE CD, you must send us a printed reciept of your transaction proving that you have downloaded 4 songs from the 1201 Music catalog. Send your recipt to 1201 Music Americas, PO Box 500 - Special Orders, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 0771. Be sure to note your return address!
Obviously, it won't work on things downloaded from eMusic, but other services should be fair game. Google Play, BTW, sells their stuff at $1/track regardless of length.


  • That's interesting.

    And, y'know, I bet you could use emusic purchases in some instances, because of album pricing.

    Some neat albums in that series. Obscure, never before issued stuff that has the artists, typically in a live setting, flaws and all. Many of those recordings give a visceral sense of "being there." Plus, some very cool musicians. I'm gonna have to think about this one.
  • This is interesting. I just don't know how you would prove you bought something from eMusic since we don't get a receipt. I think that's what BT was referring to.
  • Also note they left off a number in their zip code above. It should be 07716.

    I just downloaded four tracks from Charles Tolliver's Paper Man and will send them the receipt today.

    BTW There is a useful player on the label's webpage.
  • Did anyone else follow through with this? I was disappointed to just get two sampler CDs instead of at least one complete album. Free is free, though.
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