Paul McCartney as Kurt Cobain?

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So allegedly there will be a Nirvana reunion at the 12/12/12 concert tonight, with Sir Paul himself filling in for Kurt Cobain. I just read an article that asked the PR Firm that reps both McCartney and Foo Fighters for comment and got a "we can neither confirm nor deny" response.

I can't decide if this would be the greatest or worst thing ever.

The Sun, however, thinks it will look something like this:

Link to page with photo, since The Sun apparently has disabled right clicking in order to defeat my attempts to drop the photo here.



  • At this point, I wouldn't even be interested in hearing McCartney at a Beatles reunion.
  • A publicly aired reunion with Mucca might be entertaining.
  • What are they going to play - "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"?
  • I was thinking they'd go with a mashup like "Why Don't You Rape Me in the Road."

  • Come Together As You Are?
  • 1333999654_lana-del-rey-axl-rose-article.jpg

    You know they totally wanted Axl, but he was busy.
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    - rightclickin' . . .
  • Well, it happened! I've been trying to find a YouTube clip, but none there yet. Many ageing UK rockers were playing, I even noticed Phil Collins playing drums for Eric Clapton.
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    ETA: Apparently it's blocked in the US. Dangit!

  • It wasn't so much of a Nirvana reunion as former Nirvana members backing up PM on a song they threw together. They put a lot of muscle into the song, and PM really kept up (playing an interesting cigar box guitar), though I don't think it will be considered an essential performance.
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    Thanks Craig, presumably it has been put up since I first looked this morning (UK time). I agree with Bt's comments about the performance though.
  • Here's one that works. At least at the moment.

    It's actually good. I agree it felt more like a Nirvana song (due to the muscle), and Macca very much kept up.

  • I like it.
  • The performance put to bed Courtney Love's suggestion that Grohl and Novaselic were sidemen. Cobain could not have sounded as ferocious on his own.
  • No doubt, BT. It made me really miss Grohl behind the drum kit, and I pulled out From the Muddy Banks of the Wishka to remind myself how much Nirvana slayed live.

    Pat Smear is still just a weird little dude, though.

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