Who do you write like?

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Was just introduced to this website that analyzes a portion of writing, and tells what famous author the writer writes like.


I entered a section of the second So You Don't Like Hip Hop from MiG, and apparently write like Stephen King. As I've never read any of his work, I don't know if that's good or bad.

My wife entered part of a grant proposal she wrote and got David Foster Wallace. I'm now concerned that she is trying to fund a group of ultra violent, paraplegic Quebec separatists.

Who do you write like?



  • I did four separate samples: twice I got Vonnegut, twice Lovecraft (whom I've never read).
  • Good idea to try it again. Put in another MiG article and got Anne Rice. Apparently I write like vaguely horror authors.

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    I write like James Joyce

    - A huge ego boost !

    - And when I write in Danish, I write like Mark Twain

    Hmmmm ?
  • Grabbed 3 different blog entrees - all of them came up Cory Doctorow. Never read his work, but he's definitely nice company to be in!
  • I would have been afraid of the results if they might have included the likes of Habermas or Derrida.
  • Some text in Chinese: Chuck Palahniuk

    - Never heard of him.
  • @BN - A favorite of mine. You might know his work as he wrote Fight Club.
  • Something from work got me Jonathan Swift; something from the old "you are being monitored" thread here got me Palahniuk too...
  • I got David Foster Wallace a couple times, on various types of content.

    I'd be curious to see if somebody were able to paste a bit of Infinite Jest into that analyzer, if it would actually come back with David Foster Wallace.
  • I pasted in a page of Ulysses, and got James Joyce! Pasted in a page of the King James Bible and got ... Shakespeare. Which is interesting because of theories about his involvement with it.

    All my more modern books are in my Kindle app which won't let me copy and paste.
  • I submitted 4 different blog entries and got Dan Brown (The Davinci Code), some dude named Arthur C. Clarke

    and Edgar Allen Poe twice

  • I submitted a book review I wrote and it said H. P. Lovecraft. Okay.
  • Me too. I am suspicious that the site actually has a limited repertoire of authors. I have never read a word of Lovecraft.
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    I just submitted to it a lengthy chunk of The Pit and the Pendulum, surely quintessential Edgar Allen Poe. Verdict: you write like H. P. Lovecraft.

    ETA, next I pasted several sections of Aquinas' Summa Theologica. Verdict: you write like Edgar Allen Poe. Starting to wonder if it is somehow remembering the author before last?

    Augustine writes like Shakespeare.

  • Yes, my last chapter of History of Classical Music is also Lovecraftian!

    This gives me some ideas for the next one... "Josquin's use of imitation technique was unutterably cyclopean..."
  • I copied and pasted this whole thread in; it was written like 68stationwagon. Just kidding; it's Lovecraft.
  • lol I think this website text needs more authors!
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