Emusers Exclusive Legendary Pink Dots And Related Thread

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I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, but here it is.


The Dots have just Introduced:

Alena's Song Of The Week

- "Consider this a regular slot. Edward's wife Alena is presenting a "Song Of The Week". Keep an eye on it as occasionally unreleased pieces will appear. In the big picture , on the 10th of October 2015, Alena cast a seed which will eventually become the compilation album that resembles a giant beanstalk. Just beware of who lives at the top of it."

creditsreleased October 10, 2015



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    "I guess the recent Facebook comment referring to The Dots' "tradition" of making a Hallowe'en Special provided the initial speak for this release. In fact there had only been one before - but now......Enjoy, while you may.The timer is ticking, and this will disappear without warning at a predestined moment only known to us here. Blessed be."
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    Just in on The Dots Bandcamp page as "name your price"

    - What can I say ? - the Dots are still in great shape, and there's still a long way to Andromeda. ;-)

  • The Seismic Bleats Of Quantum Sheep cover art
    released December 1, 2015

    The secret album from The Pink Dots created in the Spring of 2015, and the sister release to "Five Days". It's due out on vinyl by the Spanish Abstrakce label in February 2016.
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    Edward Ka-Spel is continiuosly expanding his musical universe:

    Edward Ka-Spel - The Byte Of Spring

    - released February 20, 2016

  • This release by The Silverman  almost slipped my attention

    - "DisOrient Express was recorded late one night back in 2001 in a single take ,using the studio as an instrument.There were no overdubs, and no post-production was applied.What you hear is what I heard as I flew by the seat of my pants on a runaway train , clinging to the track , that often felt like a rollercoaster ride. Through the window I could see the stars twinkle in the new millennial night sky , while inside the lights were blinking unsteadily RED."
    - The Silverman (January 2016)

    In this avalanche of LPD releases, it is not all of them that are keepers.

    This is an exeption (as is the previous EK release) and it's a fine example of a true master operator of his array of electronic devices.

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    Mirror mirror on the wall . . .
    Pages Of Aquarius - A Teaser
    The Legendary Pink Dots are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of their new album "Pages Of Aquarius" on Metropolis Records.
    "Mirror Mirror" is merely a one-track teaser for a trip that takes you to places you never dreamed of. The cd version and double vinyl editions are available from 22 April ,2016 onwards from here and Metropolis Records. Pre-orders are possible now. Download of the entire album will be available from Metropolis Records' Bandcamp site on April 22

    - Pretty powerful "old school" Pink Dots.

    - And here's some writing by Edward Ka-spel from the latest LPD newsletter:
    Now is the Autumn of discontent.It’s hard to step outside the front door because of the constant driving rain.It’s been on and off for days now and I thank the Heavens above that I was not placed upon this earth as a sugar lump.

    Still , at least the weather keeps us busy at Chez Dots.

    Lots of activity here with recent releases, and a stream of rather exciting new adventures to come.

    As I type the final touches are being made to “Crash Velvet Apocalypse”- a marathon live double cdr documenting two live shows from 1990 and 1991.The release has emerged thanks to a discovery of a tray of cassettes in a cupboard at The Dots’ hq. More is to come.

    Still , finishing touches are now being applied to the new Dots’ album ,tentatively entitled “Pages of Aquarius” as well as the highly ambitious double cd , “Chemical Playschool Volumes 19 & 20”.

    As for Iive work , there will be a rare solo show from EK at Sens in France on November 27, while the Dots are planning to hit the road next Spring in Europe, following up in North America a year from now.

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    Out now on Metropolis Records  and Emusic:

    They promised us so much…

    Naked hippies and soma fountains and patchouli rain from candy floss clouds and flowers and the summer that would never end. The Age of Aquarius.

    The Age of Harmony and understanding and tolerance. Say it softly, like an Aquarian, The Age of ….Love. The Age of Love and HAIR.

    Page One Aquarius. How does it look out there?

    Bad hair, no hair. Covered up. Walls. And God is everywhere, splashed in red across those walls, And the fountains are dry, the ocean is full and they're dragging the lost from the depths of the sea and tying them up with wire.

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
    Are we in for 2,160 years of this?

    I’m an Aquarian. I believe in this crazy stuff and I visualise big old Pisces lying there, dying there. Huge, wounded, angry because no-one helps and every hot feverish cry brings a new storm, and every kick shakes the planet to it’s core. Big old Pisces. Huge but invisible so no-one sees him except the irritating baby that tickles his nose with an oily feather.

    Page 2,000 Pisces, the end of the cycle and it hurts.

    It can’t last.
    Page One Aquarius.
    The World is Beautiful. Blessed be. 
    - Edward Ka-Spel.

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    Name your price and The Silverman at his very best:

    London 1983 . Candles flickering , instruments old and new everywhere .The Silverman alone with his small collection of synthesisers and the Roland Space Echo (which STILL works!). Consider this as a sister release to "The Berlin Tapes 1981".
  •  httpsf4bcbitscomimga0972692479_14jpg 
    Ladies & Gentlemen, The Legendary Pink Dots are about to take the plane. You have been warned. Tour Aquarian 2016 is imminent. You have been warned. here are the venues and dates. You have been warned.

    Here are the Tour dates for Tour Aquarian North America 2016. Orbit Service open for us throughout the tour and Armchair Migraine Journey will also be present at selected locations.

    Thu/Sep-15 Portland, OR Doug Fir
    Fri/Sep-16 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
    Sun/Sep-18 Salt Lake City, UT Metro
    Tue/Sep-20 Denver, CO Marquis Theatre
    Wed/Sep-21 Kansas City, MO Record Bar
    Fri/Sep-23 Minneapolis, MN Turf
    Sat/Sep-24 Chicago, IL Subbteranean
    Sun/Sep-25 Ferndale, MI The Loving Touch
    Tue/Sep-27 Toronto, ONT Horseshoe
    Wed/Sep-28 Montreal, QC Salsa Rosa
    Thu/Sep-29 Northampton, MA Iron Horse
    Fri/Sep-30 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory
    Sat/Oct-01 Pittsburgh, PE Brillobox
    Sun/Oct-02 Philadelphia, PA Boots & Saddle
    Mon/Oct-03 Washington DC Black Cat
    Tue/Oct-04 Carrborro, NC Local 506
    Wed/Oct-05 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn
    Fri/Oct-07 Dallas, TX Three Links
    Sat/Oct-08 Austin, TX Elysium
    Sun/Oct-09 Houston, TX Warehouse
    Tue/Oct-11 Santa Fe, NM Skylight Cafe
    Wed/Oct-12 Tempe, AZ Joes Grotto
    Thu/Oct-13 San Diego, CA Soda Bar
    Sat/Oct-15 San Francisco, CA Thee Parkside
    Sun/Oct-16 Los Angeles, CA Union -DasBunkers20thAnniversary
    Mon/Oct-17 Santa Ana, CA Constellation Room
    You have been warned.


     - "Counting down... Ready to fly and a week to the first show in Portland... Frantic. The problem is remembering those LITTLE things. I have a checklist, but somehow there’s always something extra to be added. Madness really - you’d think we were off to some jungle wilderness retreat in the Democratic Republic of Congo rather than Portland Oregon wit air conditioning, better internet than here in the UK, and shops that sell electric toothbrushes.  Having said that we will be crossing Idaho. Hmm."

    - Edward Ka-Spel.

  •  httpsf4bcbitscomimga2941810950_14jpg

    The Legendary Pink Pre​-​Election / Post - Brexit Blues Special

    - "Walls are for painting with bright colours and ultimately knocking down, flags are for drying the dishes ,and politicians are for consigning to the history books even when they're still alive.That's as far as Im prepared to go .I'm happy to talk politics over a margarita in a bar and I have friends who disagree with my views radically...it makes me sad. Still ,when the discussion stops ,civilisation dies..and deep down I reckon we're better than that."
    - Edward Ka-Spel.
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    Out today and absolutely gorgeous !


    Edward Ka-Spel - cybersKapes

    To digitise a sunset and make it more vivid,more beautiful.To capture it and wrap yourself in it so you’ll never need to leave this room again.To play God from the comfort of your armchair ,humanity at your fingertips. To make a stranger’s day…or destroy it utterly.Without flinching. And if it gets too much, simply hit delete.
    Are you the One or a zero?
  •  httpsf4bcbitscomimga0328601161_14jpg

    The Silverman - As Long As Breath Remains

    from Proverbial 11 v4 by Proverbial 11

    released February 3, 2017
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    Oh man !

    Amanda is a huge LPD fan . . .

    In May Edward Ka-Spel embarks on a tour with Amanda Palmer and Patrick Q.Wright in support of their collaborative album, I Can Spin A Rainbow which will be released on cd and double vinyl by Cooking Vinyl in late Spring. It’s available for pre-order via Amanda’s Patreon page as of February 22nd and elsewhere (including our humble Bandcamp page) three days later. A unique 7” (The Hands EP) is also slated for release, while Amanda is also special guest on EK’s forthcoming solo album, High On Station Yellow Moon which is now under production by Soleilmoon Records. This will also be available on cd and limited vinyl.
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    - Could have been posted on the "Awesome Coverversions" . . .
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    More news about Edward and Amanda Palmer:

    Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel - The Clock At The Back Of The Cage

    Truely amazing stuff !


    It’s been a while but a newsletter seems overdue considering all the activity around Chez Dots right now. In a week Edward Ka-Spel flies off to the USA for a small tour with Amanda Palmer and long term LPD friend Patrick Q Wright in order to promote the album which is released TOMORROW (May 5) .

    A new EK solo album “High On Station Yellow Moon” is being shipped as I type - this features two songs with Amanda as guest.

    There’s also the small matter of the new Tear Garden album , “The Brown Acid Caveat” which seriously feels like our finest 76 minutes and features special guests Patrick (again), Martijn De Kleer, Dre Robinson and Ryan Moore. The release party is slated for 25 June .Further information about this can be found here:http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/theteargarden

    As for The Dots , plans are afoot for a small tour in late Autumn in Europe…more to come.

    Firstly, here are Tour Dates for the Edward Ka-Spel/Amanda Palmer Rainbow Voyage.


    17 – Boston, MA - Middle East

    20 – New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

    21 – Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade NYC

    23 – San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge

    24 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour

    31 – Warsaw, PO – Proxima


    1 – Munich, DE - Muffathalle

    2 – Leipzig, DE - Wave & Gotik Treffen

    4 – Prague, CZ -  Palác Akropolis

    5 – Hamburg, DE - Fabrik

    9 – Antwerp, BE - Trix Club

    10 – Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg

    11 – Paris, FR - Cigale

    13 – London, UK – Heaven

    16 – Vienna, AT – Porgy & Bess

    17 – Duisburg, DE - Traumzeit Festival

    18 – Mannheim, DE - Maifeld Derby Festival


    The cover is a beautiful painting by Judith Clute. The double vinyl version features a bus 4th side. A trip like no other with Patrick Q.Wright joining the duo on violins.Released on May 5.

    DOUBLE VINYL….30 Euros plus postage

    CD version………..15 Euros plus postage

    It’s also available directly from Amanda at www.amandapalmer.net

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    "This is a release for die-hards only. It’s the sound of Edward Ka-Spel lost in the Zone with synthesisers and effects units back in 1981 ,later developed a little ,but never heard by the wider World in it’s entirety until now. There have been snatches revealed ,on “Kleine Krieg” in particular but the full-on Kosmisch Attack was perhaps considered too indulgent for public consumption during the last 30 years.
    Even so the session has a history .It was largely created in Conrad Schnitzler’s mighty music room in Berlin. EK stayed with him in 1981 ,ostensibly to make an interview for a fanzine (which sadly never appeared ) and the great pioneer kindly gave him shelter for almost a week.
    One night Conrad had a dinner appointment and invited The Pink Dots' singer to “do whatever he wanted “ on the synths and echo chambers scattered around the magical space.
    It was the equivalent of 15 Christmases arriving at once. He indulged himself and recorded the results for posterity. Bless you Conrad…we all miss you!"
    Amy's Personalities by Edward Ka-Spel
    released June 23, 2017
    This upload will be deleted in precisely 48 hours...
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    An Interview with Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-spel

    Posted at the N&N thread but it really belongs here:

    Vocals and instruments: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel
    Violins: Patrick Q. Wright
    Singing saw: Alexis Michallek
    I CAN SPIN A RAINBOW marks the first full-length collaboration between Palmer and Ka-Spel, founding member of visionary Anglo-Dutch psychedelicists The Legendary Pink Dots and one of her greatest artistic heroes. I CAN SPIN A RAINBOW is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Palmer, an avowed fan of Ka-Spel and the Legendary Pink Dots since discovering their psycho-theatrical, multi-textural work in her teens. As noted in her best-selling 2014 memoir, The Art of Asking, the LPD have long been an inspiration to Palmer, their deeply connected relationship with fans as important to her life and work as their fearless autonomy and impossible-to-pigeonhole musical approach.
    Recorded largely on Ka-Spel’s computer, I CAN SPIN A RAINBOW is a truly collaborative effort, “a spiritual experience,” says Palmer, in which both artists’ stories, song fragments, poems, and lyrics became wholly meshed with loops, melancholy piano playing, melodic beds, and strange rhythms. The results range from the enchantingly minimal The Clock at the Back of the Cage and the album-opening Pulp Fiction mysterious and strange with a luxurious theatricality that conjures both of its creators’ prior oeuvres while also opening a curtain into a heretofore unheard shared sonic world. Sensing the need for strings, the pair enlisted frequent LPD collaborator Patrick Q Wright, who contributed violin tracks from his studio in Italy. Alexis Michallek, Heap’s longtime studio assistant, contributes singing saw to Beyond The Beach.
    “We merged our songwriting heads and poetic worlds to make a new universe,” Palmer says. “We would sit in Imogen’s house drinking cups of tea, bemoaning the state of the upcoming election, binge drinking in the UK, the refugee crisis, our internet addictions, frightening news we had read, our relationships… and then we’d distill all of the ingredients of our fears and conversations into song form. The Rainbow metaphor – which is also a nod to the ‘spinning beach ball of death’ on a Mac – was a wide-open image that kept popping up as a recurring theme on the record. It’s both dark and light at the same time. To me, the songs are simultaneously frightening and comforting, like a thunderstorm heard from a living room.”
    “Making this record with Amanda felt a little like discovering a twin you didn’t know you had,” says Ka-Spel, “until a mysterious email lands in your inbox at a particularly auspicious moment. Some things are just meant to be…”

    - Cooking Vinyl

    - From the amazing London show june 13, 2017

  •  httpsf4bcbitscomimga2337103324_14jpg   
    The Legendary Pink Dots' Hallowe'en Special 2017
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    Jay !

    "It's been nearly 50 years since the first Brown Acid Caveat was issued to a million hippies in a field at the first Woodstock Festival. In these dark , more-knowing times The Tear garden felt it was the perfect moment to mark their 30th Anniversary with a similar warning , especially as their first album back in 1987 bore the declaration , "We Will Pour Our Jars in Reservoirs" on the cover. In fact , we were joking. Despite the madness you may perceive all around you right now, those jars were stashed on the highest shelf of a kitchen cupboard and the key was tossed into the ocean. Our sole wish is to introduce beauty to the medieval landscape we appear to be trapped in right now.There will be no brown paint splashed around. Beauty survives , even underneath the ugliest, heaviest rock. This is The tear Garden's 8th record and is testimony to an enduring friendship that spans the aforementioned ocean. After 8 years, The Tear Garden (the psychedelic/experimental/electronic project of Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots & cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy) return with "The Brown Acid Caveat", the culmination of the duo's 31 years of working together. Psychedelic electronic melancholia , fearless experimentation & improvisation combine to take the intrepid listener on a mesmerizing voyage of the mind. Feel the Love. Don't touch the brown acid."

    (Emusic - Metropolis Records)
  • "As usual, this seasonal release will be available briefly.Ho Ho Ho...."

    "The moral of the tale is, "Check it before you click it".A big thank you to Alice for inspiration."
    - Edward Kaspel.
    released December 24, 2017
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                          Edward Ka​-​spel and Patrick Q. Wright - Golden Dawn (live by the fire)            
    Without You (Narration by Edward Ka​-​Spel)
    from COLOSSUS (PART ONE: 1969​-​1993) by Andrew Liles
    - released March 11, 2018
    Maverick musician and member of both Nurse With Wound and Current 93Andrew Liles, is celebrating his immanent 50th birthday by releasing Colossus - a collection of 50 tracks, all of which are 50 minutes long.

    The Quietus

    The Man Who Floated Away / The Closer You Are To The Center, The Further You Are From The Edge
    Edward Ka-Spel, Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Quentin Rollet
    Split album with two long tracks. A 19'48" track by Edward Ka-Spel and Steven Stapleton and a 18'35" track by Colin Potter and Quentin Rollet. 
    Exists on LP, CD, and also on limited edition LP (almost sold out) and limited edition CD (100 copies to be released soon) with bonus items.

    released January 2, 2018 

    When you purchase this, you won't be able to download the whole album, you'll just get the teaser. This album is released on physical supports only (LP, CD).

  • Incendiary collaboration between EK and former Dot and present dubmaster Ryan Moore. Alas copies of the cd are long gone from The Dots' hq but those interested could try to order directly from the label here: www.touretterecords.com/pages/39.html
    Track 9 ("The Haze") is a bonus piece intended for the vinyl edition which sadly never materialised.
    Check out Ryan's own site at: http://www.twilightcircus.com/

  • Legendary Pink Dots - 1818

    The concept of Des Astres D’Or Records is a noble one. The label, which is operated by sound artist Raymond Dijkstra, aims to present a vinyl release as the kind of art object you would normally find in a gallery. 

    To this end, the records are literally pressed one by one in the highest quality (not lathe-cut) and every cover is individual, created by the artists themselves. 

    It means pressings are hyper-limited as the time required to prepare a single record can be lengthy. Indeed, all but one of the releases on the label are limited to just 25 copies! 

    “8118” is that one exception as it runs to 40 copies. It is sold out via the label but we have 5 remaining at Chez Dots with 3 of them being offered here. 

    Side 81 was drawn from The Silverman’s excursions on his Victorian harmonium back in 1981 and early 82. A suite was created, drawing in field recordings (on cassette) and vocal experiments from that time. 

    Side 18 was recorded as a response to the results of Side 81, utilising modern creations and the rusty remains of far older sound devices. 

    The covers were created by The Silverman based on the photography of Astrid Mutsars. Many weeks were spent
     manipulating and transforming images from the area where he lives into a much stranger terrain. 

    We concede that the physical release is inevitably an expensive one and that’s why the 24 bit download of the music is being offered here.  
    - released August 30, 2018

    - My to cents: WOW !
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    1991. Been playing for 2 hours now. The candles flicker and cough as the wax creeps up the wick. Incense burning......Niels pounds on the 2 kettle drums for a few brief moments then returns to his array of horns. A knowing smile creeps across the face of The Silverman as four sets of eyes connect at the same moment. A value moment. And Bob? How to say this......his guitar sprouts angel's wings and it's as if this untidy barn is the last refuge for beauty on a crumbling planet. It's hard not to be romantic ....but that's the atmosphere that spawned The Maria Dimension - and this is a peep into that special space.
    Perhaps it all began on a Sunday morning in a tiny club named Lysverket in Oslo in late 1990. The Dots wanted to give their hosts Casper and Inge a special gift after a magical show the night before so they opted for open-ended improvisation before breakfast and the long drive to somewhere in Sweden. Listen closely, themes will emerge from the exploration which ultimately would be turned into something much bigger.
    The rest of Volume 2 is sourced from the same sessions that form the first instalment.Turning the tape recorder off simply was not an option.

    - is the digital file for the exclusive final side of the exhaustive “Maria Dimension - The Complete Recordings “ Box set which sold out at Chez Dots long ago (those interested would be advised to check with Soleimoon Recordings to see if one remains in the stock cupboard). 

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    Legendary Pink Dots - Hallowe'en At The Double Door 2002
    released October 22, 2018 

    As a taster for Hallowe'en 2018, this recording of the Pink Dots' show at The Double Door in Chicago on October 31 2002 felt appropriate.
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