Cyber Monday at emu

Email from emu offering $100 in music credits if I return and sign up for a monthly plan for $11.99

One day only



  • Depends upon how long you are committed to surely? If say three months I'd take it to get the $100, but three years might be different!
  • I want that offer!
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    Restart your membership and we'll give you a FREE $100.00 music credit when you activate a eMusic Basic plan.

    By clicking Restart Your Membership, you will
    recieve a $100.00 music credit good for 90 days. You will also activate
    eMusic Basic plan and be charged for $11.99 for $11.99 in music credit.
    Service will automatically renew every 30 days days thereafter and you
    will be charged according to your chosen payment method and then-current
    rates. If you cancel prior to using all credits, you will not be
    entitled to a refund. Any songs you download are yours to keep. Offer
    only available to former eMusic members. Offer ends December 2, 2015.
    To cancel visit Offer and prices are
    subject to change. By clicking the button “Restart Your Membership” you
    affirm that you have read, understand and agree to eMusic’s terms of use and privacy policy

  • One of us...One of us...
  • A few questions: is emusic's behavior predictable enough that you can count on the "Please come back" credits? 

    Also, I downgraded my membership to the emusic Lite (6.49 a month) which is NOT a publicly advertised rate. This has worked out very well for me because most of the year they had Double booster credits. 

    I don't mind paying 11.99 for one month, but I want to make sure they have an option to downgrade to emusic Lite? 

    I think last year I bought about 200-300$ of booster credits -- and discovered some amazing new music. So I'm not a total cheapskate. But my income is variable enough that I prefer to have this cheap option. 
  • OK, that will be the last booster pack I buy before the offer expires today.
    OK, that will be the last booster pack I buy before the offer expires today.
    OK, that will be the last booster pack I buy before the offer expires today.
    OK, that will be the last booster pack I buy before the offer expires today.
    OK, that will be the last booster pack I buy before the offer expires today....
  • Well that's too good to pass up. Since I'm still in the process of fully digesting all the emu stuff (not to mention all the x-box stuff) I got last December, I imagine a $100 credit will keep me satisfied for 2 or 3 years!
  • Hey JuJ, mind copying the link location on your offer and pasting it here?

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    Sorry Craig

    That link directly opens a page to my old account. No password or Userid required.  Just click here and my account is reactivated although that credit card is prolly expired by now.

    I'm sure you all are fine upstanding folk, but I don't want to wake tomorrow and find that I have accidentally reactivated my account.

    This seems to be one of the few times that emu made it exceptionally easy to interface with their website
    </snark >

    I get a popup when I surf to my old account page.  So my guess is that if you are eligible for the deal it will pop up for you too when you surf to your account page.
  • Oh, fine. jUj.

    Be that way.


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    Those thinking of rejoining, today is the last day of the current two for one booster sale. Rejoin, claim the $100, and lay down $50 and you'd be sitting on $200 of credit with three months to spend it....

    @amclark2 "I imagine a $100 credit will keep me satisfied for 2 or 3 years!" - credit is good for 90 days.
  • I didn't get the email, and when I logged in over there I didn't get a popup.

  • Face it Craig, they're out to get you.

    Either that or you probably have availed yourself of "too many deals" for free music.
    Maybe they are digging deep for this one, going after the hard core escapees who have been gone awhile.

    You're better off without them.

    If it's any consolation, I have decided to pass on the deal, although $100 worth of credits would let me fill in a few things I am missing.

    But then I think of all the grief I had to endure to "enjoy" my subscription and I just don't want to go back there.  It became too much like a job to find interesting music before my credits expired and that's not how I want to live my life.

    I am keeping emu in the "ex girlfriend" category.  It might be nice to spend the evening together, but then you wake up in the morning and remember why the hell you left in the first place.
  • I've been gone for years, too, but you're probably right.

  • I got the offer and it wasn't on my original, main/core eMu account but one I created a two years ago or so to quickly rejoin and get some bonus credits, spend them and then cancel.  Now that I think about it I may've set my email preferences for my original account to not send any notifications, or clicked on a 'remove me from your distribution list' link in some email they may have sent me earlier.   Anyway, if it weren't for the post here about the offer I probably wouldn't have seen the email until it was expired (thanks for the head's up jUPj!). 

    I decided to go ahead and bite this one about an hour ago.   I am going to burn through the new credits and be back on the outside looking in as quick as possible.  I hope I still have still have the eMusicJ downloader installed.
  • Glad to be of service luddite

    You know how we do

  • Yup, I scurried in to get a last booster, again.  Thing is with all the guitar wankers on the recently added Shrapnel Records I went to town on, I'm happy to have a little reserve.  I might even buy some Christmas music - I was pretty happy to find this - Joe Pass - Six String Santa
  • Mine worked the same way as Luddite's: nothing on my original account, but the email came to an account I set up last year with a new gmail address that I never check. Actually the email was for $150 credit with a three month subscription for $52, but then the login gave me the $100 for $11.99 thing
  • I've tried leaving a couple of times, initially going on hold, but have always gone back. We don't get the booster sales, but I'm not complaining because we are on a much better deal, still being basically on the credit system. I do wonder how long it will last, especially with new owners. Then might be the time to go. Some months I do have to search a bit to get my 100 tracks, but I've got an extensive SFL mainly from Jonah's Jazz Recs to fall back on.
  • I got the same offer email two or three weeks ago, and of course I took it.  Too good to pass up.
  • Down again this morning
  • Yes. . .
    They did send out a warning yesterday on the MB and on Twitter

    - If they throw another 10 € (or more) at my account - all is forgiven.

    In preparation for new enhancements, the site will be down for maintenance beginning at 2am EST, on December 2nd. Thanks for your patience.

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    luddite said:
    I decided to go ahead and bite this one about an hour ago.   I am going to burn through the new credits and be back on the outside looking in as quick as possible.  I hope I still have still have the eMusicJ downloader installed.
    So after rejoining I had a 12/30/2015 renewal date.  I cancelled on 12/25 (at least my email from emu confirming my cancellation is dated 12/25/2015 @ 3:04 pm).  Today, I saw I had an email from emu about some 'most downloaded rock albums for 2015'. 

    Weird that they would send such an email to an ex-member (but par for the course given their past operating history).  Anyway, I ended up checking out the message board over there and was reminded by some of the most recent posts over there of their sudden issues with double billing and whatnot with their most recent revamp/reboot/retooling.  Out of an abundance of caution I decided to check the credit card I used when I rejoined emu and sure enough I was charged $11.99 on 12/31/2015.  

    I'll give them 1 chance to correct the issue after contacting them about it.  If they don't have it resolved by this time next week I'll simply do a charge back.

    ETA: I just checked my email and 1 hour and 24 minutes after submitting the support request I had an email from them apologizing for the issue and indicating that they had reversed the charge.  Hope the rest of you get things sorted out to your satisfaction soonest.
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    My refresh date was supposed to be 12/30 too; only it didn't refresh or bill me. I paid with PayPal; I tried updating the PayPal data a few times, still no refresh. Then I tried an account hold while they sorted things out, but it wouldn't let me go on hold because my refresh date had already passed! So I just cancelled.
  • I've been an emu member for a looong time. In all my time there, I never really had any significant issues. I suspended/cancelled my service a while ago, but was lured back by their $100 offer. Now I'm having the same problem as amclark. Refresh date was 12/31, but no refresh and no charge to my cc. Still waiting to hear from CS. Will probably cancel soon.
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    Lots of people are having billing issues. If you are patient with them, they will eventually sort them out and probably throw free credit at you (I got a free month when my account was straightened out).
  • After a month I can now sign in, but I cannot do anything without getting massive errors (check account, SFL list) and none of the menu options go anywhere. I have a refresh date coming up, but I was not able to use the site for the entire month of December. I have not had any contact from support for a few weeks, although I partly put that down to the holidays. They no longer respond to my emails. 

    So, I am not particularly happy with eMusic at the moment. 
  • Funny, none of that for me
  • Like Doofy, no real problems so far. However, my plan is changing at the end of January and I cannot find out its implications. I am on a generous grandfathered plan, so I would not be surprised to see that my credits for the £20 I pay each month be reduced. It has been good whilst it has lasted but then might be the time for a rethink if it changes significantly. 
  • @greg, have you any specific info about changes to plans?
    I have two annual 90/month accounts ("eMusic Premium Annual"). The one that just renewed says it will convert at the end of the year to "Preferred eMusic Premium Annual", but I've no idea what this is supposed to be. Meanwhile, the other account won't renew for 6 months and there's no indication that this one will convert.
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