Slow Meadow

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This is my new first-thing-in-the-morning album...

Slow Meadow - "Slow Meadow"


It's basically this dude Matt Kidd on piano with some synth and guitar action, too. But he's also got guests on cello, violins and trumpet adding their voices. The result is some seriously meditative, but startlingly beautiful music. Check out track "A Farewell Sonata" to see the album at its best (but there are no bad tunes on this one). I'm pretty well addicted to it. I can't recall how I even found the damn thing in the first place. I think it might have been one of those "similar artists" things at the bottom of an emu page. Dunno.

Here's a link to his Bandcamp page.

And here's where you can get it on eMusic. It's seven bucks and worth every penny.


  • I don't think I knew that we could embed videos in here. Is that a new thing?

    In any event, here's a video uploaded by Slow Meadow of the track I mention above, "A Farewell Sonata." The video itself is pretty unspectacular (it is, in fact, a slow meadow), but the song is gorgeous...

  • This is nice, thanks!
  • As it is only two tracks long it is 84p - around 60 cents in the UK, similar in Europe. This is one of those occasions when we win on track pricing.
  • @greg, it's 11 tracks long here - are you missing some in the UK I wonder?
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    Well spotted GP. Yesterday there were just two tracks, but now it has the full 11 tracks and is appropriately priced. Another emusic oddity?

    Update - having gone back to itunes, yesterday I just downloaded the first and last tracks, Linen Gardens Parts 1 and 2. Another 9 to go!
  • The first release on Hammock's new label, their new album is due on April 16. From the tracks on Bandcamp sounds  like a good one
  • I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Hammock, and I'm genuinely curious to see how their label manifests.  I hope it becomes something more than just a vehicle to release their own music and a sporadic album from others.  That they led out with the Slow Meadow is a very good sign.

    Gonna listen to those three Bandcamp tracks next.

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