The 100 Best Albums of the 21st Century

edited September 2019 in General
The Guardian have a series on the Best Culture of the 21st Century so far including the 100 Best Albums. A list like this is bound to be conroversial. I was amazed to find that I actually have at least 14 of them, including the top pick Amy Winehouses' Back to Black, an interesting choice. Interestingly, probably the top selling artist, Adele, does not make the cut.

There's no jazz in the list, which makes me think they might be having a separate list for that - watch this space!


  • They can't call it the 100 Best Albums if they don't include all genres.  They need to just call it the Best Pop-Rock Albums.  It's silly for me to get wound up over that, but that's where I find myself.
  • @jonahpwll - that was my reaction entirely. I barely listen to any pop-rock, so could hardly find an album in the list that mattered to me at all.
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