Help Me Find a Thing my Brain Lost

I thought of posting this in one of the prog threads then it occurred to me that this is the kind of question that others might have on random topics when we misplaced a memory...

I think late last year, I think while reading end of year best progressive rock lists, I watched a video from a new album by a band tagged progressive rock (but actually sounded smoother/more cinematic and brooding than I usually associate with prog) that I think was maybe from France. The video had a guy in a black coat with, if I recall correctly, his face covered walking round a desert landscape, and it involved some kind of mysterious viscous black liquid. I liked it and I thought of looking it up again because I have a gift card to spend and when it's free money I like trying random new things, and now I can't find it.

Does this jangle anything in anyone's memory?


  • France is the only thing stopping me from telling you it was an X-Files episode you were watching.
  • Well, pretty close. I finally found it (I had to resort to searching emails I sent to a particular friend last December...). It was this:

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    Happy for you.  This is the kind of mystery that can linger and haunt you for months, years, forever.
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