Help me remember an artist

Japanese artist, though not sure if he/she is based there.
I was certain his/her albums were on the 1631 Recordings label, but maybe it was a related label.  I checked Kning Disk and Flora & Fauna, but no luck.
Electronic artist with ambient leanings.
Pretty sure it's a solo project.
There was a great compilation album of his/her music.  The same BC page also had several of the albums that the comp was pulled from.
One of those albums was a... what's the word... cartoon style? Like an animated movie... and it was mostly in pink colors and had a dude/dudette looking out over a distant city.
Pretty much, none of it ever getting sleepy, none of it ever getting volatile.  If I had to compare it to someone else, I'd reference the duo Air.
My fear is that it's no longer for sale on BC, and that's why I'm not seeing it.
Guh, so frustrating.  How did I not buy that album back in the day?


  • Takahiro Kido

    I suddenly had an epiphany that I might have reached out to the artist to get some help figuring out which of the studio albums the compilation pulled from.  And I had.  It was on the 1631 label, but apparently has dropped off, and is now on the Ricco label.

  • Okay, I've got another one I can't think of.
    I want to say that the album I'm thinking of came out around 2015.  Could be a year or three before that.  I have so very little to offer you.  Here are the only three things I remember about it.
    1. The lead singer had sort of a Tindersticks sound.  Maybe the band did, too.  But the band might've also leaned into something kind of like the eccentric pop music of Efterklang.
    2.  The album cover had a horizon & sky view like a painting and perhaps a solitary figure looking up/upon it(?).
    3.  It was well received on this site.  It may also have garnered some praise on various other sites.
    How to weight the above:  I am very confident about statement #1, only 50/50 on #2, and definite about #3.
    I am embarrassed by how little I'm giving you.
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