Bandcamp Friday for February 5

I would find it useful to have all the special deals for Bandcamp Friday in one place, so this new discussion. Danish jazz label Storyville starts with a 15% discount

Hi there!
This Friday we’re running a one day sale in celebration of Bandcamp Friday.
Get 15% off your purchase with discount code: bcfridaysale

 Head over to to get our newest releases from 2021:


  • Here is Posi-tones BC Friday offer

    Another Bandcamp Friday is upon us. Please enjoy a 10% discount in our Bandcamp store with the code “FEB2021BCF” through Monday, Feb 8.

  • As you may have heard, Bandcamp will be waiving their share of the revenue for all sales TOMORROW Friday, February 5th, from midnight to midnight PST. We are be celebrating by making all Sahel Sounds digital releases (excluding pre-orders) available as Name Your Price downloads for 24 hours. You can visit our Bandcamp page at
  • For February's Bandcamp Friday (feb 5th) LINE is offering the available full LINE digital discography for 70% OFF.

    122 LINE releases for $283

  • Hi everyone.

    It’s Bandcamp Friday tomorrow (February 5th) and this time we’ve decided to dangle a metaphorical carrot in front of you. We’re offering a 15% discount to everything on the Tiger Moth Tales Bandcamp Page for 24 hours (starting 8am UK Time). We think it’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone, as you can bag yourselves a bargain and we can benefit from Bandcamp not taking their usual fee.
    The code is ‘friday15’

  • From Greenleaf

    TODAY ONLY: We’re taking 20% off EVERYTHING in the store for the next 24 hours, including subscriptions. New subscribers are often amazed at how much is there. It’s a pretty incredible collection of music, a lot of it only found here, at what we think is a very generous price. Use code bandcamp20.
  • And from Sunnyside (goes until Sunday)

    Take 15% Off Your Orders from Today (Feb. 5) to Sunday (Feb. 7)! Click below to get to the Sunnyside Page!

    2000px-Bandcamp-button-square-whitesvg_ 2

    Use code: bcfridayfeb at Checkout!

  • Sahel Sounds is NYOP again + and has a new label sampler

  • Bandcamp Friday
    30% Off everything for 24 hours.
    Thanks for everybodys support through the pandemic.I hope the music has helped throughout the difficult times.

    Enter the code febfeb at checkout

  • For today's Bandcamp Friday you can get 20% off anything physical and digital from our Bandcamp page with code '20off' at checkout. This includes our latest releases by Ekca Liena and The Green Kingdom, and also, our entire digital discography.
  • To kick off the first BC Friday, feel free to use breathedeepfor21 at check out for 20% off any and all Room40 editions. We released more than 60 works last year, so there’s a lot of sound to dive into if you are so inclined. This year is looking to follow a similar path and I am VERY excited by what lies ahead in the coming months.
  • A completely different bandcamp Friday today as we present signed stuff, Test Pressings, Out of Print stuff, box sets and other items spanning our 15 year history, newly added all day. We just dumped some more stuff on our Merch page.

    Also, Entire Digital Discography 65% off today
    Hat & Hoodie combo for $30
    Grab Bag ! 4 Random CDs for $20

    It's all on the Merch page today :

  • Apply discount codes at the checkout!

    25% discount on Tony Levin’s MJBC page
    Code: ziotoni0205

    25% discount on Pete Levin’s MJBC page
    Code: tiopedro0205

    25% discount on Soft Machine’s MJBC page
    Code: softgeezers0205

    25% discount on everything on Stick Men’s MJBC page as well.

    And everything else on MoonJune is 15% today and tomorrow!

    15% discount
    Code: 05feb2021
  • $10 LP sale, TODAY ONLY! Buy all 4, ship costs stays same!

    ‘Seamless’ 12” by Endless Melancholy
    ‘Wind Colors’ LP by Gallery Six
    ‘Low Priest’ LP by Erinome
    ‘RÁS’ LP by Isaac Helsen & Wayne Robert Thomas

  • Lost Tribe:


    All Back-Catalog Digital Downloads: $3
    Select Vinyl: Starting at $7
    Select CDs: Starting at $3

    Visit our catalog here:

    ***Sale prices will change when Bandcamp Fee Free Day ends***

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    Top row: Bandcamp Day purchases
    Bottom row: Recent Astral Spirits additions (preorders) (eta, not the meditation one...that's a freebie from somewhere or other)

    Feeling like a rich man...

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    These were mine.  Not a huge haul, but I was pretty distracted with something all day, and before I knew it, the day had gotten away.
    P.S.  I like these dedicated threads to music events.  This was a good idea.
  • How do you post the Bandcamp purchases as clickable thumbnails? I was trying to share mine but stupidity and impatience intervened.  ;)   
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    ^^ . . . this is how I would do it:
    A screenshot either copied and pasted or download and paste it here: 
    - and ad the link by highlighting the image and paste the url here:
    You can also copy paste each cover:
    - highlight and paste the url  here:
    If you can´t resize (depending on your browser), the image at the right sidebar makes a nice thumbnail-like image like this ^^
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    Cheers @brighternow some of those look strangely familiar! :D
    Started on Saturday beers so its a job for the morning!
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    This is what I ended up with:

  • Well this is half the job, copying a full line I couldn't paste the individual URLs... and this took 30 minutes. Thanks for trying to help @Brighternow 

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