Rolling "How Was the Show" Thread



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    Just back from 10 days in Prague. One evening we stumbled across Agharta, a little jazz club, literally underground just off the old city square. Very cosy venue, max occupancy about 50, basically a cellar with chairs and small tables. We saw a good set by the Michal Gera Band (the pic above is mine; there's a youtube video below of them playing the same venue in 2019). All four played well and the intimacy of the setting made for a great evening.

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    Went to see the Allman Betts Band (including Devon Allman son of Gregg, Duane Betts son of Dickey and Berry Duane Oakley Jnr. son of Berry, founder member of The Allman Brothers who died aged 24 one year later than Duane Allman) at Northcote Theatre in Melbourne. Excellent mix of their own music with that of the original Allman Brothers band.

    First time I have ever seen 10 guitarists up on stage playing together!

  • Saw English Progressive Rock band Haken at Max Watts in Melbourne last night.

    After a slow start they really hit their straps for what was a great night.

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    Explosions in the Sky at the Forum Melbourne in Australia last night

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