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I'm duping an idea I just posted on the emusic board, but figure participation from those only here will be useful too. (Those doing both can choose one, the other, or both, but the threads needn't keep in sync.)

This idea is a sort of label-of-the-month recommendation thread, where we pick a jazz label and each recommend a single album from it. It's a way to garner recommendations for records you might not be familiar with on labels that (maybe) you're interested in.

By fiat, I'll choose the inaugural label:

Clean Feed

A great label chock full of releases, many of whose roster I'm unfamiliar with, and would enjoy getting some further pointers. My rec from this label:

Fight the Big Bull - Dying Will Be Easy (%)

They're a small-big-band out of Richmond VA working in a contemporary avant-Mingus kind of vein. A nice record that I've enjoyed a lot, and probably qualifies as underappreciated.

Try to pick a record from someone less well-known (or at least the record itself) so that the rec can be useful to others. For Clean Feed, I'd suggest records by people like Marty Ehrlich or Evan Parker don't need recs, as they're well known.

For future months, any label nomination (from likely participators) will suffice, so just toss 'em out. We'll just name the threads "Jazz Label-of-the-Month: ABCXYZ"


  • I agreee 100% with this REC.
  • I like Fight the Big Bull too. I think it came up on an all songs considered pod cast or elsewhere on NPR sometime not tooo long ago.
  • I started month #2 at emu's forum, following ColtraneWasGod's suggestion for Fresh Sounds Records.
  • This seems like a tidy place to put this. There's a sale on at Jazzloft on what seems to be a cluster of related labels with "Hat" in the name. Half off and one free if you buy four, so if anyone has an interest in this stuff it works out less than four dollars per CD

    (I don't know enough about this stuff to recommend anything - I got on their mailing list by buying an Alva Noto CD from them, oddly enough.)
  • It doesn't get any more avant-garde than HatHut.

    If I wasn't broke, I'd be all over that sale.
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    Jonah, here's another sale for you to think about being all over:
    How about a tax relief sale? This is our biggest HatHut sale yet. The entire catalog except for the last 4 new releases is on sale! 30% off current releases and 40% off the back catalog.
    - at Jazzloft.
  • @GP

    Would love to be at a place where I could load up on something like that. Unfortunately, even filling up the car with gas is a struggle. The move was a big hit for us financially. and it's gonna be a struggle to get back to where we were before.
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