Mus - "La Vida"

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Ever wonder what Hope Sandoval would sound like if she sang in a second language and was backed by a band not perpetually stoned on dramamine, say, perhaps Luna or some band produced by Dave Fridmann? Well, wonder no more. I present to you...

Mus - "La Vida"


I tell you, I'm not even into this kind of shit anymore, but this album was so infectious, I couldn't help but use some of my remaining downloads on it. Plus, my wife liked it, too, and since she's such a champ about letting me dominate the car cd player with my jazz and 'depressing' indie stuff, I figured I'd pick the album up for our autumn drive through the Kentucky backroads. Went really well with it, let me tell you.
Here's their myspace and emusic pages...

Highly recommended by someone who doesn't shop in this section of the record store much anymore.


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