Disinterested - "Behind Us"

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Disinterested - "Behind Us"

A shoegaze-y type band with a sound that matches the rainy day weather of their Pacific Northwest surroundings. While a couple tracks peacefully flatline with a constant drone, most of the tracks pop to life with some snappy drum work and guitar interplay. Real good music for driving through traffic on a snowy day. Also, Bill Frisell makes a guest appearance on the album that makes it a must have.
The danger with a lot of ambient music is that if the subtlety doesn't have sufficient nuance and life, the album quickly becomes a snoozefest. I've been listening to this album just about every other day since I picked it up (plus myspace site tracks before that), and, IMHO, there's no danger of that. In fact, this album is actually growing on me.
Here's their myspace and emusic pages...



I just noticed that the myspace track listing is different than the names given on the emusic page. I think emusic has the track names wrong.


  • This sounds great, can you suggest a couple of taster tracks ? (I'm short of credits)
  • This sounds great, can you suggest a couple of taster tracks ? (I'm short of credits)

    My favorite is definitely "January" (track 3).
    Following that is "Dissonance" (track 1), "West/East" (track 8), "I Wish it Were the 90's" (track 9), and "What you Wanted" (track 2).
    I think they've got some of the track names wrong on emusic, so I gave track numbers too just in case they correct their naming problem.
    I'm still really liking this album. I'm looking forward to trying it out with the first snowfall of the season.
    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.
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