Aix Em Klemm - "Aix Em Klemm"

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A decent release from the Kranky label. Doesn't stray far from the company line, which is a good thing if you're in the mood for a Kranky album. If you're not familiar with the gang, it takes ambient drone to heart and many of the label stable do a pretty nifty job of creating some intriguing music with few notes while sounding unalike from their stablemates. That's not always the case, but more than you'd think for a genre that synthesizes music made by sleeping stereos.
In the case of Aix Em Klemm, a duo collaboration between someone from Labradford and another from Stars of the Lid, this self-titled album likely won't blow anyone away, but I've had it for a few months now, and I keep coming back to it, especially first thing in the morning when the sun is shaking the sleep from its tendrils. So, I figured I'd mention it here.
Here's what the album looks like...


And here's the emusic page...

If you want to save those downloads (it'll cost you 6 on emu), you can also get it for two and a half bucks on Amie St...

I couldn't find a myspce, but here's a youtube page for a listen from the album...


  • Solid selection of ambient. You're right: it's not stellar, but there's a lot happening within it to merit repeat listens. And it fits the mode of background for morning tea or writing late. Nowadays, I look primarily for music I call Lifers, meaning I can come back to it three decades from now for another listen and find pleasure within it. Fits the bill.
  • Thanks !
    This sounds very good, in fact "decent" seems to be an understatement here....
    Collaboration between Bobby Donne of Labradford and Adam Wiltzie of Stars Of The Lid began as an exchange of music by mail and continued in two recording sessions at Wiltzie's Austin, TX studio, completed in May 2000.

    These are songs. Stretched out at times, sometimes with fragmented pieces of song structure carefully placed inside. Present are slowly developing melodies that still manage to hook your ears. The guitar-based clouds of Stars Of The Lid are here, as well as the clanks of Bobby Donne's bass, augmented by a deft mixture of samples and keyboards. And Adam Wiltzie sings.
    - Brainwashed.
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