Colorsound - "You're Only as Good as Your Sound"

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An album I've been listening to for about fifteen years or so, and never get tired of is this...

Colorsound - "You're Only As Good As Your Sound"


A side project of somebody named Matthew Tow (main band = Drop City), he creates this intensely dreamy album with rich layers of sound, the occasional guest member dropping some odd texture in (ie melodica), one song with feedback momentum that crashes back into peacefulness, and an overall compelling result. Between the sound of his music and the way he delivers the vocals, I can't help but draw the comparison to Spacemen 3's "Perfect Prescription". Probably not easy to find the physical album, though when I was out in Portland long ago, I found the album at several spots, so maybe he's a Pacific Northwest guy and his stuff is more available out there. Dunno. I do know that this is an album to own.
This isn't on emusic. None of his stuff is, which I find puzzling, since this is exactly the kind of unheard music that I expect to find on emu. But I figured this site has the kind of people that love to find the hard stuff to find, so I'm making this post.
And, beware, there are multiple bands that use the name Colorsound, and they're all lame except for this one.

Here's a Lastfm page for his album under the Colorsound moniker (also listed on the page is an album by one of the lame Colorsounds that I warned you about).

And here's an iTunes page with the album...


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