Hauschka - "Ferndorf"

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According to least possible amount of research I could do, Hauschka is an alias for pianist Volker Bertelmann, who is a composer known as a proponent of compositions for a prepared piano. John Cage & Eric Satie get referenced a lot in the various reviews I've read about Hauschka/Volker. But whatever, this is the album of his that I wandered into accidentally the other day...


Hauschka - "Ferndorf"

Classical music accessible to the hopelessly Indie fan.
This album grabbed me immediately. Usually I'll give an album/songs several listens over several days before committing the cash to buying it, but after one listen on Lala, that was that; I hopped over to emu and picked it up. I've listened to it every day since, and I'm forcing myself to keep it to a limit of one listen per day, because this is the kind of album I could just let play on repeat endlessly for hours, watching the snow fall outside while curled up in my reading chair with a book nearby.
This is the kind of album that takes the sting out of the emu plan changes for me. I'm all but certain I never would've found this anywhere but on emu, and as I've said in other contexts (restaurants, for one), I'm never sad about paying more for something if it's quality that I'm paying for. The fact that I'm able to find albums like this tells me I am (regardless of the motivations for the increase).
Highly recommended, and, important warning, may be addictive... consult your doctor if signs of a dependency arise.

The emu page...

His myspace page...


  • Another album that was accidentally removed from my SFL. Loved the freebie (track 2) and kept debating about picking up the whole thing. I guess when I get my disloyalty offer...
  • I love this album! I also have his earlier album the Prepared Piano. I may use my V-Day bonus to get his more recent EP.
  • I'll be picking up other albums in the coming months. I've heard enough from his myspace page alone to guarantee that. I do, however, try to spread it out a bit, though. I don't want to burn out on a musician by picking up their entire catalog over a couple of months. I also am pretty bad at following this wise path.
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    Thanks !
    I never heard of H before
    This is N/A in Europe, a bit strange since Fat Cat is available.

    Not related to this thread, exept for the ambient angle:
    I've found a very interesting interview with Brian Eno:
    On gospel, Abba and the death of the record: an audience with Brian Eno

    An exerpt:
    On a celebration of human frailty

    "The other day I heard a band who had the worst singer, the most out of time drummer and most out of tune guitarist I've ever heard on a professional record, and I thought, at last, the reaction against pro-tools perfection has set in. A pro-tools engineer would have sorted it all out, but this band was an actual celebration of human frailty. It was so rough it was really encouraging."
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