monday morning blues

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First, let me set the scene...

It's early Monday morning, murky and cold.
There are nasty looking clouds overhead, and it's drizzling.
The car heater is taking far too long as you struggle to see through the condensation, and you lean slightly to one side to look past the smear your wiper has left on the windscreen, only to see a traffic jam, and it's another 3 miles before the exit...

What music do you put on?

Since I have to face this situation far too often, I've started to make playlists to get me through.
I've found that the best tracks are seriously uptempo and ridiculously happy. Cheezy even.
The two favourites so far feature Basement Jaxx (with Bingo Bango in the number one slot) and a disco compilation which starts off with Car Wash by Rose Royce.
I need to make a new list, something starting with Reet Petite (Jackie Wilson), any suggestions for track no.2?


  • Thom - OMG - that is so good! definitely will have to get hold of a copy.
  • Here's two jazz recs to add to your music arsenal...

    Al Grey - "Snap Your Fingers"
    Billy Mitchell - "This is Billy Mitchell"

    31Y1AH855QL._SL500_AA240_.jpg c4760.jpg

    Both were reissued as part of the Verve Originals series. Get the resissues (not the originals); they're cheap and plentiful.
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    I got this 50 best classical London-Philharmonic-Orchestra-and-David-Parry, and while I haven't listened to all of it yet, the first 20 or so tracks are awesome.
    Just ignore the cover art.

  • If you have any pulse at all, the first track from this album will elevate it!
  • Thanks for the suggestions.
    Perhaps I should have mentioned my other reason for playing raucous music on the road - it's a loud car with a lousy stereo.
    So, as much as I'd love to soothe the road rage away with some subtle jazz, I suspect both of your suggestions jonahpwll and Katrina sound better here at home,
    without distortion and the howling engine backing track.
    That classical album does look like a great introduction, even with the awful cover and I'm enjoying what I've heard of Billy Mitchell so far.

    Doofy - I don't play SKA that often, but it'd be perfect in the morning. Why didn't I think of it myself? That track is definitely going in.
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