• yeah, it's been quiet here. EVERYONE SPEAK UP.
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    Well, how did we get here

    love creatures, born to live on sound
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    Speaking up . . .
  • Seems reasonable in light of the expanded selection and monthly loyalty bonus
  • Under the old system I get 2 and a half albums per month

    Under the new system I get 2 and a half albums per month

    But psychologically when I try to rationalize the monthly expense I have a hard time justifying the whole subscription thing instead of just going to Amazon and buying whatever I want whenever I want it.

    The psychoanalytics of the whole experience are screwed

    I give you the last supper My list of stuff to buy before I go go
  • Lots of Abby on your list. Long ago I got Abby Is Blue. Good album, and I will probably download another one or two now.

    i have made it halfway through the alphabet on Die Hippie Die, and while I see some appealing things, I don't see anything I just have to have. I'm running into the money problem. If I buy at Amazon or 7digital, I am spending just one sum of money. At eMu, I have to think through how much money is there, how much will be left if I buy a particular album, and how can I make it all come out even. Somehow, credits seemed easier to deal with than dollars, and tracks were easier even than credits. I know I'm making it too complicated, but at this point, I don't see myself staying there much longer.
  • Yeah I am pretty much an Abbey freak
    I think maybe she might have been my soul mate and we just missed each other by 30 or 40 years
    I have been down hearted ever since she passed away.
    I keep trying to pick out just a few of her best songs but ultimately I know I am going to just buy them all
  • 6 or 7 months ago i was at 50 dls a month then sony drop came and i was hobbled to 30. i went on hold, rec'd a lure to come back - returned to threats of another big label coming. it came. i'm reduced to 28 dl's - assuming i only buy 49cent tracks. now, 30 to 28 is not that big of a slash...but i was only back due to the sweetener. i'm looking at this as the last straw. i'm down almost half of my expectation and the things they are trying to lure in are not what i want.

    the indies departing is exactly as i expected. they have no desire to have the national's rekkid "cost" alongside pablo cruise from 1979 (or thereabouts). ceo dildo breath looks at it differently, but you get why i refer to him as ceo dildo breath.

    i earnestly believe emusic will be a tool to the majors (jelwood's sell theory and someone's the big's can't stand apple owning them theory collide). the indies have too big of a brand name to simply lay low. someone will recognize a huge gap can be filled by specializing in indies and they can do it at the 30 dl's for 12bux price point (the last point emu could retain customers) - or 65 dls for $25, etc.

    the math ain't hard and the means to distribute over the innerwebs is pervasive! hip hip hooray for the indies! stick it to the man!!!
  • Yeah I think it is basically the boiled frog theory
  • And another thing

    I now have to keep a calculator beside my computer to triangulate the cost ratios

    This is the one that probably will force me to quit

    I don't want to think that hard, music is supposed to be my escape not a another job

    This is just wrong
  • I now have to keep a calculator beside my computer to triangulate the cost ratios

    Exactly! Imagine my befuddlement last week trying to get a last minute booster pack that would still leave me an amount divisible by 42 after I'd snagged the last 2 albums I wanted.
    They were still around half the price of elsewhere but not cheap enough to persuade me to stay. Emusic is now 'the man' and their evil ways and annoying restrictions have finally sucked all the fun out of the site for me.

    My cheapskate pounds and pennies will now be roaming the internets wild and free for the forseeable future :-)
  • They do now have a category on your account page entitled "loose change" for those spare bits that are unusable that carries over to the next month.

    Presumably the loose change is used before your other credits (I don't know I can't bring myself to pull the trigger on my re-ups since they are so doggone valuable).

    They have truly sucked the fun out of the experience
  • "Loose change"
    Sounds like Tom Waits song.
  • So I am sitting here patiently waiting for "you know who" to resolve their bitrate/sound quality/encoder issues, or at least make some pronouncement that isn't corporate speak gibberish, so that I can download some new music.

    But its been several weeks and what we have been told amounts to nothing. I am sitting here with my full month's allotment of download credits or cash and I am unable to use it to download because I'm thinking maybe they will do the honorable thing and fix this (yeah, I know, but misplaced hope is what makes the world go round).

    Consequently, I have developed this twitching in my left eye and shoulder all because I haven't downloaded any music lately.

    My will power is gone. I need music and this place is preventing me from having it.

    Henceforth I shall now refer to that place as mordac, the preventer

    Maybe I'll download a little something and I can just take a shower afterward
  • I am sitting here with my full month's allotment of download credits or cash and I am unable to use it to download because I'm thinking maybe they will do the honorable thing and fix this (yeah, I know, but misplaced hope is what makes the world go round).
    Just avoid UMG. You know they won't fix a thing until enough people leave.
  • You see that's the thing

    I have been wanting this album for over 30 years and never got around to getting it.

    And here it is right at my fingertips

    Thus my recently acquired twitching tic
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    Yeah, just put UMG on hold. I started a List called UMG Holding Cell and made it Public so it should show up on the pages whenever they get all those little things working again. Although I don't see it on any of the album pages - is this more censorship? Pisses me off that I've had to interrupt filling in the Bootsy and JB horns material that was added though.
  • I filled in all the old Bootsy Collins back in January, that stuff came in with the Sony upheaval.

    OK I will try to fill the void with some Bootsy, and try to use that as methadone instead of downloading new UMG. I'm sick man

    The VBR on that stuff seems to be in the mid 200's (201 to 252) is that good?
  • I'm not familiar with the record, but in general I'd prefer better sounds from records that should be more pristine. Psychocandy is great at any bitrate. Sacre du Printemps is not.
  • Ah, Bootsy's cool - it's J.B.'s Soul On Top, Pass The Peas:The Best of the J.B.s, and James Brown's Funky People Part 2 I had to put on hold. The VBR on Bootsy's stuff is pretty much regulation for post '60's material.
  • jUj, cheer up! Looks like they'd had the biggest Warner Bros. drop in some time over the last 2 days, without the bozos that be saying a word to promote it. Quite a variety of stuff all across the spectrum, rock, jazz, classical, so there might be something to console you. Get this, I was tipped to this by a post about the Grateful Dead by of all people the beloved Wanderer.

    n.b. Anyone who wants to DL the highly recommended Emotion & Commotion by Jeff Beck would be well advised to seek it at Amazon where for an extra 0.39 you will get a bonus track not on the eMu version. So much , as well,for being cheaper than Amazon.
  • Not to hijack the thread or anything, but I'm really struck by the categorization problems on these major-label back catalog releases.
    You can sort of forgive the hip-hop acts for it (though I'm not sure I do), and to some extent the self-releasers who probably don't even know how to fill in the forms correctly, but Warner's, Sony, and now especially UMG appear to be even worse.

    On a more personal level, I've long since given up my issues regarding 70's dinosaur/stadium rock (with a couple of exceptions)... but with respect to Dead-heads, proggies, etc., how hard is it really to keep the Grateful Dead, Foreigner, Yes, ABBA, and Phil Collins out of the "Alternative/Punk" new-release listings? These are major labels. They're supposed to have people who deal with this sort of thing and are well-paid to do it, assuming they haven't all been laid off. (Maybe they've all been laid off?)

    I mean, practically the whole point of having an "Alternative/Punk" category in the first place is to avoid those specific artists - if the majors and eMu, between them, can't even manage to do this, what are they actually doing all day? Are they so busy laughing at us they don't have time to perform even the simplest and most basic of tasks?
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    The whole problem over at Mordac (and the big labels also for that matter) is that the music lovers are not in control. People who loved the music would not tolerate such a gross and wanton miscat of the music (that would be a bad name for some soup gross wanton miscat soup).

    One of the things that was the final tipping point for me to join this board and become active was this board has the correct and proper categorization of R&B separate and apart from Hip Hop

    Soul and R&B are NOT subcategories of Hip Hop. That's like saying your grandfather is a descendant of your newborn infant child. That's just ass backwards and wrong to boot.

    And I don't have time to triangulate the least cost provider I just want to know that mordac has the lowest price and be able to download it.

    Hey Big D I downloaded this whole album back in the all you can eat days but lost it in a hard drive hull breach. By then it was gone from the site and I still mourn its loss. I am tempted to re-DL it
  • eMusic has always been terrible at categorizing music. Some blame may go to labels, but every day, it gets harder to blame the labels that are left.

    We all know that Phil Collins is Pop and based on how much air time he gets in big box stores, Musak. Even so, No Jacket Required,was one of the first cassettes I ever owned.
  • Well I can see comparing the listings of In The Jungle Groove with the Star Time box that we have multiple versions/?edits of songs with different run times. Another to hold on to. I just wish 7digital would put the earlier volumes of The Singles up for $4 also. It would be very very tempting.
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