Mount Analog - "New Skin"

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I picked up an interesting album the other day off emu which has Bill Frisell on it. It's a Tucker Martine side project called Mount Analog. The lineup is...

Eyvind Kang, Steve Moore , Tucker Martine, Bill Frisell, Doug Weiselman, Jon Hyde, Bruce Wirth.

The album I got is called "New Skin".


It's not jazz. Other than a few tracks, it's more on the ambient side of the electronica spectrum. If you're familiar with Boxhead Ensemble, then you have a good idea of Mount Analog's sound. A couple of the tracks on the album are quite beautiful, the others pleasantly understated. I do, however, would've like a few more tracks to show signs of life. But it's a good album overall.

Here's the myspace page. It has songs from three of their albums on it. I highly recommend listening to the tracks "Bell & Howell" and "Gospel Melodica".

Here's the emusic page...
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