What am I listening to?

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I'm listening to this:


The whole gang:


My wife is a freakin' superstar.



  • Congrats! I don't think I can top that one....
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    Nice work dude but Its all down hill from here
    Money, time, car keys all no longer belong to you.
    But enjoy, it will be the best ride of your life

    When my kids were still sleeping in the crib and they would awaken in the middle of the night I would get up and go in their room until they went back to sleep. They would want me to stay but all I wanted to do was sneak out and go back to bed. So I would sing this song as a lullaby in my best falsetto to pass the time.

    You might want to practice up.
  • My favorite part of when my daughter was that age was listening to Reich, Glass, and Bryars during feeding time and staying up all night long watching movies from the '30's and 40's while she slept on me. Best feeling in the world.
  • Hey, I used to have one of those. They're pretty awesome, congrats!
  • Oh believe me, he'll come to know Reich, Glass, et al.

    I can't believe I forgot to put it in the first post, but his name is Malcolm Allen.

    Thanks for all the well wishes!

  • Congratulations! That's wonderful - I like the name. Although you have to get used to giving all the vitals - height, weight, etc.

    You're in line for more hell and joy than you can possibly imagine. It's so great to be able to sleep normally these days, but there's times I really miss being up at 3 AM watching TV shows courtesy of Netflix while she slept in my arms. Honestly, you can't be told enough, enjoy every moment. They go by so fast.
  • Congratulations, Craig!
  • Congratulations! Looks like he's healthy with a good set of lungs!
  • Congratulations !
    I'm very pleased on you and your wife's behalf.

    - And yeah, let's have some details.
  • Hey, WOW! Congrats! I had no idea this thread was gonna have such great news.
    Have you already built a series of playlists for him?
    And, um, yeah, I don't know how women go through that.
  • Hey, congratulations Craig and family!
  • A little disappointed at the name, though. I was expecting "Iggy," or something like that.
  • Congratulations, Craig and Mrs Craig!
  • Congratulations! I hope everything went well (and quick) with the delivery.

    I couldn't tell you why, but I love the funny little hands that newborns have.

    As for newborns and Punk: my son would fall asleep on my chest as we watched the Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo. Newborns are open to almost anything.
  • Congratulations, Craig. No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith, dude, but worth every minute.
  • Thanks again for the well wishes everyone. As for the relevant stats - Born 5:31 a.m. on 10/21/10, 6 lbs 3 oz, 20 inches long.

    jonah - The only play list thus far is the labor/delivery play list, that had to be approved by the wife. I'm not a big play list guy, it's almost all albums for me, but I'm sure I'll be putting something together for late night feedings so I can press play and forget it.

    Doofy - With a name like Malcolm he can easily be Mac _____, when he starts playing out. The options are really limitless!

    BT - I've not yet actually seen that documentary. Need to add it to the list.

    BigD - Last night was certainly a No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith situation. Yikes.

  • I'd like to know the vital statistic of HOW LONG THE LABOR LASTED. With women, it's is whether the baby is healthy and HOW LONG THELABOR LASTED.
    No, seriously, I hope it was an easy delivery!

    I bought a recliner just so I could sleep in it with my son on my belly. This is some seriously wonderful nap time. Only last about 1.5 years, after which they gett too big and heavy.
  • Fair enough Katrina!

    Due to preeclampsia symptoms that were getting a little worse they induced, with the drugs starting at about 9:00 p.m. At about 1:00 a.m. she started feeling contractions. At 3:30 her water broke and she was having serious contractions, but was still only 5 cm so she asked for the epidural. At 4:15 the epidural was in. At 4:30 she was already fully dilated and started pushing. At 5:31 it was over.

    So everything happened very, very fast.

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    Modern drugs that help childbirth are a thing of wonder!
    That's good, sounds like she had a fairly easy time of it.
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